Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

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I have mention in a few my of posts that while been in America last year visiting my cousin and his wife in Danville that we have been traveling to many parts of USA and on my last write up , i was showing you the extraordinary Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado Denver , well moving on from there and still in Colorado are next desanation was to drive to Rocky Mountain National Park which was approximately little over a 100 km from Red Rocks Amphitheater it would be just under a 2 hour drive. We had a cabin booked on the Colorado River and we were going to do a little hiking along the trails of Rocky Mountain National Park.



On arrival to Rocky Mountain National Park there was a fee to enter i think it was about $20 US per person we then moved on to our cabin called the Fall River Cabins by the Colorado River a very cool and refreshing spot after our nights rest we were all pumped up for our early morning hike along the Colorado River through the Pine woods and up to the mountains it was only going to be about a short 10 km hike just to see some of the great views from some higher points of the mountains.




The Rocky Mountain Park has over 415 square miles ( 265,600 acres ) of pristine wilderness mountain terrain and many hiking trails to choose from and lots of wildlife to be seen and if you are not into hiking perhaps maybe rafting on the river , mountain climbing , whitewater kayaking or mountain biking if you adventures you will not get bored. It is known as the largest national park in the USA our hike up to the mountain trail even though was cold , foggy and icy near some parts of the Colorado River it was not going to stop us as long as we kept walking it would keep our blood flowing but for me the adrenaline of just been here was keeping me warm.





It is said that the Rocky Mountain National Park is one the the highest national parks in the USA you can be climbing elevations from 2,400 meters ( 8,000 feet ) to 4,200 meters ( 14,000 feet ) Within this national park there are just over sixty mountains that peak over the 3,650 meters ( 12,000 feet ) It took us just over 5 hours from our cabin to reach one of closest highest point mountains which was on a elevation trail taking us to a height of about 2,400 meters and this was the stunning view from this mountain point. The excited was overwhelming to have reach this height the day had gotten a bit warmer but still cool and the views were still a little cloudy and foggy but the air was so crisp and fresh you just felt so alive on top of this mountain how beautiful is mother nature 😊




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Thank you @pinmapple 👍

Amazing place. I would love to roam around those mountains and forests right now. Pure beauty of the wilderness.

You and i would have definitely loved to roam around there longer America really has a lot of beautiful nature to offer 😊

Wow, another beautiful post. You make me want to visit this place so bad 😃 The river and all trees around....look amazing 😍

Thank you @trangbaby America is really endless with beauty i spent 6 months there and only saw a factor of it's beauty 😊

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Thank you @qurator and @ackhoo very kind of you both 😊

You're most welcome! :)

WOw that must have been such an experience incredible beauty there

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you @tattoodjay it really was one place that still sticks in my mind.

That's a wonderful place. I remember visiting it a couple of times. Did you drive over the Continental Divide?

It is one awesome part of America i very much enjoyed this trip and yes we did from there we when to the sand dunes which will be my next story 👍

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You're welcome @kohsamui99

Oh, yeah!!! What a great place that is!!! I love it there and your pictures are absolutely fabulous! I'm pumped up and I'm not even there! It looks crisp and cool, although, the ice could be in the early summer still. LOL

So pristine and beautiful, the stunning scenery will make me go back again and again... well, after COVID perhaps. Looks like the family went and it is things like this that kids remember the rest of their lives. I am so happy to have you share it with #MarketFriday! It was truly a super post!

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Thank you @dswigle for your lovely words it was really a place that stays with you and a place you would love to go and see more of there is so much to be seen in that beautiful country.

You have yourself a relaxing break and see you again soon 😁

Colorado is such a beautiful place. I lived in Leadville for 6 years and did a lot mountaineering, climbing and telemark skiing while there, but I never made it to any of the national parks. There is so much BLM land that few people use, and it's totally free to access, so that is where I've done most of my wilderness adventures.

The current situation is not so great I hear, worst fire in history apparently.

Colorado certainly had a lot to offer like many other states in America i think you couldn't see all this country even in a life time but i am wanting to go back and see more when these travel restrictions are lifted and we are back to normal.

Damn fires they are also a threat making a mess of everything 😐