My Brazil & Argentina Adventure !!

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In this blog i am going to take you back a little to one of my highlights of the good days of traveling which we are probably all finding that quite difficult at the moment with this still ongoing Covid , so let me take you back to 2014 when it was easy just book a flight jump on and enjoy that freedom , on this adventure i found myself in Brazil after a 20 hour flight in total from Sydney , Australia.

One of the most famous beaches in the world Copacabana Beach in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Was welcomed to the city with open arms...
Nice little fishing village in Bahia.



We were here in Brazil not only for the sight seeing but also because we wanted to see the street carnivals that Rio de Janeiro is so famous for. These Carnivals that are held here in Rio de Janeiro every year is one the grandest holidays in Brazil, drawing millions of people from all around the world , it's street parties go on for four days of music and dancing.

Always good to have an excuse to dress up. Like country that understand hats and silly headware!



This guy just looks happy 😆




Rio de Janeiro is Brazil's second largest city and is know as a colorful vibrant city not only for it's carnivals and samba music but for it's natural settings and beaches. The city is also known for its sprawling shanty towns.

My new friend....


Another tough day at the beach....


Mandatory bikini shot!



Amazing what they can do with sand these days...😆


Cant resist another Rio shot!


The famous Rio Art Museum...




We even made it over to Salvador city in Brazil which is the capital city of Brazil it's in the northeastern state of Bahia and is known for its Portuguese colonial architectural designs. Beautiful cobblestone alleys opening up onto large squares colorful buildings and many beautiful churches.


'Portuguese paving', one of the little things which makes Rio so distinctive and interesting how much it pops up in other places in Brazil.




A magnificent beach sunset in Bahia....


Bahia in in Salvador is known for the birthplace of samba and capoeira dances and it's vibrant culture.




After having two glorious weeks in parts of Brazil we were flying out to Argentina to spend two weeks there before heading back home to Australia. We were not going to be spending to much time in the city areas as we were more interested in going out to see the Cataratas Del Iguazú, Misiones, on the Argentina boarder in between Brazil.


New meeting old, to the left is a building dating to the 1500/1600s


Buenos Aires, Argentina...




The Cataratas Del Lguazu waterfalls are found at the border of the Argentine province of Misiones and the Brazilian state of Paraná these are the largest waterfall in the world and i thought the Niagara Falls were these were amazing and breathtaking to see they had a drop of about 200 meters it was mind blowing.

One the most magnificent things i have ever seen. Viewed either from Brazil or Argentina, and best from both!






Loved this lady getting her waterfall on!


Then from here we when over to Salta city which is in the north west of Argentina, Salta city the landscapes reminded me a bit of Red Rocks but only it had natural green valleys and vineyards here we did a bit of hiking through the rugged natural landscapes and mountains.

It was absolutely a magnificent part of the world.....



Another interesting day in Argentina....

Always wanted to meet a Llama. one more thing check off the bucket list!




I found a shortcut...😆


Crystal clear waters in sinkholes makes for some fantastic diving....

And you should see the size of the frogs!


After the hike we stayed in Salta city for one more day did a bit of shopping and it was to be our last night in this amazing country of Argentina before catching our flight back to Australia it was definitely another great adventure had , one more to be tick of our bucket list 😉

If you want to take a Llama home...


Chocolate anyone?



Tucan Sam. every household needs one!



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Thank you @ackhoo and @qurator very much appreciated 😉

You're welcome! :)

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Thank you @pinmapple 👍

Welcome to the Planet Tropics.

Thank you @discernente 👍

Awesome adventure and post with some amazing shot's, Hope to one day go but who knows if I will ever make it there. Thanks for sharing, well done.

Thank you @shoemanchu it was one great adventure and i hope you do make it there some day 👍

Wow the photos look amazing! I’m hoping to visit after covid!

Thank you @xyosifova i hope you do make it there it's a awesome country to visit 👍

Hello dear friend @ kohsamui99 good day
Undoubtedly you have had an incredible trip, the images you show us show it, Brazil is very beautiful to visit, there is a lot of fun in it
Argentina is a beautiful country with many diversity, the next visit you should visit the southern part of the country, there are beautiful places to discover
I appreciate very much that you have shown us these beautiful photographs
have a great day

Thank you @jlufer this was one incredible trip and hopefully when we can travel again i would love to go back and do the southern part 🙏

Have a great weekend my friend 😉

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Fabulous!!!! I have seen many interesting things in Brazil and Argentina through your trip..Wow you still keep these pictures from 2014 and good memories John. I heard about one of the largest waterfall in the world that you mentioned..incredible!!!

Thank you @trangbaby good memories have got to be handled with care never lose them , they are great to look back on 😉

Hey your posts are always beautiful and unique I like your attention and lots of things that must be learn from you 😀

Thank you @pankajkabdwal for your kind words i am waiting to see a great post from you 👍

These days I am busy my exam are there so after exam I will try

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Wonderful memories of an amazing trip @kohsamui99, at least we have the memories while this pandemic holds us at ransom not so!
Our second wave really is proving to be awful and is getting uncomfortably closer to home as we now hear of friends and family contracting this cruel disease!
Take good care of yourself:)

Thank you @lizelle it is lovely that we can still hold on to these memories who knows when we will be able to travel with this second wave as you say it's seems worst then before 😥

Thanks for the visit and you take good care yourself 👍

I was looking at the first picture and trying to decide if those little 'ants' are really people.
I have to guess yes they are and it was crowded beach.

I wonder when we are going to see beaches like that

I hope we do. Who would have thought we need to make bookings to go to the beach on weekends.

It really just sounds all ridiculous in my opinion the whole world is just getting brain washed so the high powers can control us like robots probably the vaccine will have some sort of microchip in it to keep us all under control 😆

I think there's a lot of money lost in controlling like that.

It is really having devastating effects all around the world unfortunately 😥