Land Down Under , Australia - Part 2.

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Let me tell you a little of our "Land Down Under" which is the nickname for Australia we have been given this name because we are a country way below the Southern Hemisphere and we are the largest country in the Oceania and the world's sixth largest country by total area we have four major forms of land formations the Coastal Plains, the Eastern Highlands, the Central Lowlands and the Western Plateau and we are the biggest island in the world with all our beautiful surrounding coastlines.




My home town is Byron Bay in N.S.W where i am living and i love my town Byron Bay for it's uniqueness of beauty , nature and the friendliness of the people and the other great advantage we are not far away from the other famous beaches of Gold Coast city in Queensland.




Even though the City of Gold Coast in Queensland is a beautiful city with all it's beaches and high rise apartment buildings and the wide surf beach , i prefer my home town of Byron Bay but it is nice to know that only 75 km away is this enormous city with the capital of Queensland , Brisbane been close to us for those New Year's Eve parties and major sporting events.




Queensland , Australia is the second largest state and it is not only known for it's pristine beaches and tropical islands the state is well know for it's many national parks like about 200 of them that stretch over 6.5 hectares of land across the state with it's many lush mountainous rain forests , waterfalls , creeks and the flat table lands which are perfect for farming so not only is it a beautiful state to live in it has much to offer.




Getting back to my home town Byron Bay which i would not trade for any other beach or state , i find it just much cleaner and fresher air to breath while jogging along the beach front this is how beautiful it looks every morning on my morning jog as the sun is just raising from the horizon.




Byron Bay has become a very expensive area to be buying into now luckily i bought just before the latest huge boom happened and i do not regret living here for one second. This town has become more modernized but not over modernized with high rise apartments and overcrowding we have everything we need here as far as restaurants and quality foods whether it be international cuisine's or local foods it's all available here.



Since the last month with the easing of with the covid-19 restrictions Byron Bay has sprang back to life again with people enjoying the sunshine and freedom and the surf board riders enjoying the waves again.




Everyone loves Byron Bay i even had my niece and her two little boys visit me last weekend to enjoy the vibes and seafood of Byron Bay and of course everyone always loves to climb there way up to our icon , Cape Byron Lighthouse where you can always see the most stunning views of Byron Bay Coastline.





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Oh wow, absolutely beautiful place 😎

Thank you @sreypov it is stunning i love the Gold Coast 🌞

great photos!

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Thank you @pinmapple 😊

Nice, is it always so pieceful there?

Thank you @edgarsart it can be a peaceful place most certainly 😊

Wow your country has stunning beaches, so beautiful!

Thank you @long888 but your country also has many beautiful beaches like the thousands island and Cebu 😊

Wow... beautiful place ... isn’t it winter there ? Your winter looks warmer than our summer.

Thank you @offgridlife in the Gold Coast we are closer to the tropical zone even if it's winter we tend to still get warm days but not everyday.

That’s great. I will try to remember that when I visit Australia

Do hope you get to see Australia some day you will not be disappointed 😊

Awesome pretty photography. You have given information of Australia surrounding coastlines.

Thank you @kamrunnahar hope you can visit there one day 😊

Very beautiful landscape pictures, where did you take them? your home or hotel?

Thank you @noopu the landscape photos were taken from the hotel we were staying at a very tall building 😨

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My second home! 🇦🇺
Already miss that country...

As Arnold Schwarzenegger said .... l'll be back 😅 😅