Beautiful Californian Mountains !!

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It is hard to believe that we are now in 2021 and it feels like nothing has changed and it actually hasn't we are in a worst position with this second wave hitting many countries lockdowns happening again no traveling , restaurants , clubs , gyms and everything else they can think of to make our lives more miserable is locked up the times are still dark and uncertain and travel is still of the list , so to cheer me up a little , i went back through my archive to find some highlights of my last overseas trip before all country boarders closed up and i found one of my most loved adventures which was in California.


When we arrived in California we stayed in a beautiful small town called Danville were my cousin and his wife were living it was spring season when we arrived and the Danville mountains looked so lush green that i just wanted to lay on those soft green hills of grass and nap all day with that nice moderate breeze it was very tempting.




Hiking through the trails of these divine green hill mountains was like been in a fairy-tale movie i just could not believe that some thing so beautiful like could exist , i remember slapping myself to wake up out of this fairy-tale dream but you know i realized that it was no dream i was really here.





In the duration of time i was in Danville we hiked these beautiful mountain hills several times , i got to see the beauty of these hills in the spring , summer and bit of autumn season and in every season these mountain hills looked awesome in every way as they changed from color to color.




No matter how the day looked in Danville town whether it was blue skies , foggy skies or overcast just looking at these beautiful hill mountains put the biggest refreshing smile on my face and it is doing that now as i am writing this post i can even smell the fragrance of the seasons through my computer screen wish i was there now 😉





And it didn't matter what season it was you were never let down by mother nature great sunset every evening my cousin certainly made the right choosing to live in Danville town , California it's really a piece of heaven on earth one place i would go back and visit in a heartbeat and hopefully we can all travel to our dream destination real soon. Take care and be safe people 😇



#wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay






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Hey John hope you are doing well? how’s covid situation there? Yes, everything is uncertain and we don’t know when this virus will disappear :( Seems I won’t be able to make it to Oz maybe til end of this year.

Beautiful Danville 😍 Great captures as always 😊

Hi Trang yep this virus is really been a pain in the butt it seems to want to hang around it's making it's presents very unpleasant for everyone i would say traveling may open mid-year let's hope but in the mean time enjoy the best way you can you will make to Oz one day i know you are determent to get here.

Have a great weekend my friend 😉

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