Beautiful Californian Landscapes !!

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During my visit to California in the US there were honestly endless places to visit and each and every place we saw in California whether it was the dry land , wet land , hills or mountains each just had it's own individual beauty. Seeing the Eldorado National Forest which was in the central Sierra Nevada mountain range, in Eastern California this is a area of about 2,415 km² with beautiful clear blue fresh water lakes , endless waterfalls and mountains and a endless forest of Pine trees what a great refreshing combination of aromas.



Beautiful things don't ask for attention. Nature is not a place to visit, it is home. Look forward, take a deep breath, stay calm, no need to have a conversation. Let time spin at it's own pace. Don't rush. Don't think about tomorrow. Live with the present. 😊


If you enjoy trekking, camping, fly fishing or casting, and if you enjoy magnificent, unspoiled mountain vistas, then this is the place to come it has many hiking trails from easy to very hard it is the largest national Forest in the Eastern California.



Danville town is located in the San Ramon Valley in Contra Costa County, California where my cousin and his wife are living these hill mountains that we hiked were a highlight in my life never had i seen such lush green hills one after the other stretching for miles on end so picturesque i didn't want to stop walking.




Go the extra mile it’s never crowded 🥾🥾 Hike more worry less 😊 😊


Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirts - John Muir



This is how i enjoyed my time in California i wore my headphones, opened Spotify and playlist listen to music and listen to your heart beat. See the view in front of you. This is the moment that you are happy and free and enjoy a beautiful sunset 🌞





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Stunning photography, brilliant views, off the beaten path finding solitude in nature the best place to relax, be oneself, find oneself, it's all about going that extra mile on foot.

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Thank you @joanstewart definitely all great views and found it very relaxing and peaceful and thank you for the curate tip 😊

Amazing photos as usually!

I really like yellow grass instead of only green all over the place.
It is nice change from where I come from :)

Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

Thank you @crazy-andy you are right it does look different the yellow grass more vibrant 👍

You are very lucky living in a beautiful place.

Oh no i live in Australia i when to California in American for holiday 😊

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Thank you @ecency 👍

Stunning! Our nature and parks are one of the few things I truly miss from the USA. When international travelers tell me there's no reason to go the USA, our pristine wilderness areas are the only thing I can muster up.

I guess the USA is a young enough country that is was able to learn environmental science before it had completely destroyed its forests.

I am glad they learnt environmental science it would of been a shame otherwise there is so must beauty in that country and am looking forward to going back and seeing some more in the near future 👍

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You're welcome @kohsamui99 👍🙂

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wow..... amazing shots! thanks for inspiring us 🌞

Thank you @xmauron3 and thanks for stopping by 👍

amazing shots the beauty there is spectacular

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you @tattoodjay Californian was just the best 👍