Interesting Things That Travellers Need To Know About Nigerian Transport System

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If travelling is something you find to be boring and dull, it's probably because you have never been to any Nigerian public transport system.

Those that have experienced travelling within Nigeria know how eventful it can be. This eventful travel experience starts the moment you decide to embark on a journey. As far as Nigeria is concerned, there is no dull moment for anyone on transit and I'm about to tell you why


The bus l boarded two days ago was a reminder of what to expect as a traveller in this part of the world. The duration from Enugu to Onitsha is calculated as 2 hours but we spent nothing less than 3.5 hours for the same journey.

Loading Vehicles
The process of loading Vehicles is always a different thing altogether. I paid #800 but the person beside me paid #1000. The price varies irrespective of the fact that we are heading to the same place so, your bargaining power is very important.
While we were waiting for more passengers to enter the bus, those that were already seated were stylishly stepping out of the bus.

What could have been the issue?
This is what a first-timer would ask in a situation like that but I'm already familiar with their style. I just enjoyed their drama.

Normally, passengers don't like being the first to enter a 24 seaters bus especially when they are in a hurry. This is why the loaders also devised a means of attracting passengers to the bus.

The first 3 or 4 people in a bus are most likely actors - pretending to be passengers to attract more passengers. Anyone joining the bus afterwards will be assured that the bus would get filled up within some minutes. The minutes turn to hours but the worst is yet to happen.

Note; Don't expect an apology from anyone for the time wasted.

The beginning of your journey

Need l remind you that this is all about the Nigerian public transport system?

Well, the long-awaited journey just started. In 8 out of 10 cases, one of the passengers would use the first 20 minutes of the journey to hold a prayer session. I always enjoy that moment and l would advise you to pray wholeheartedly.

Why? Because it's good for your mental health. Lol

I don't know if it's just me but l always keep my eyes shut when praying. I did the same on the bus l boarded two days ago. What l saw after the prayer session gave me goosebumps.


Yeah, your guess is on point. I noticed that we were a stone-throw away from where we started the journey despite being in motion for more than 17 minutes. Of course, it was an annoying discovery for me - all thanks to Traffic Jam.

Just so you know, l always remember that journey with a smiling face. Everyone made a case for themselves;

  • The driver was ignoring all the potholes on the road - we had a lot of that en route to Enugu. The bus bounced at regular intervals with each leading to multiple curse words from the passengers.

  • The passengers also had their moments of endless chatter. They just couldn't afford to seal their lips for a moment- everyone with their folktales which sounded more like a gossip.

  • Even the sun was not being playful. The heat from it was almost at a melting point and its effect was taking a toll on my leather shoe. I would have loved to sleep but I just couldn't. Not in that condition.

Shopping Terminals
I informed you about traffic jam and how it is the worst nightmare of travellers. It's something that nobody ever wants to witness but l still can't override the positives attached to it.

Below is a positive aspect of this traffic jam.

This is something that can only be seen here. Hawkers smiling at passengers from far and wide. They have what you need as far as you are ready to pay the ridiculously expensive price. Lol

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Image Credit goes to me.


Hah! It's funny that the buses pay people to sit inside to make you think that it will be leaving soon. Annoying, but funny.

Thanks for the amusing post!

Hahah... It's very annoying whenever you realize that these people are bunch of actors but it's also fun to see them play the trick 🤣

Loll... Thanks for reading through ✅

That's great insight coming from a local! I wonder how many tourists to Nigeria get to experience this.

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