Pinchos & Pinot Noir at Ficks...

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I have been coming to Hermanus and its surrounding areas since I was about six years old and I never knew that this little slice of paradise existed! Obviously, the restaurant and bar aspects are a new addition but the tidal pool has been here for 90 plus years and was originally created by the Ficks familiy for a safe space to swim away from the wild waves of Walker Bay. This tidal pool is open to the public and anybody can come and enjoy this amazing little secret space at any time.

A few kilometers down the road there is a restaurant on the beach front called "Dutchies" which I featured in a post not too long ago. Ficks restaurant was their brainchild - and a spectacular brainchild it was!


The above is a snapshot of Dutchies thanks to


So, Ficks Restaurant is not your average restaurant - it is all about Pinchos (and cocktails) which originated from Northern Spain cuisine. Essentially, "pinchos" is derived from the word Pinchar which is Spanish and means "to pierce" - which is where the culinary inspiration came from. The end result is small meals, mostly (but not all) served on a skewer. It is a fantastic opportunity for large groups of people to order and share a massive variety of deliciousness whilst lapping up the natural surrounds.






It was a little on the windy side, but still a beautiful afternoon. Sunny enough for a glass of Pinot Noir Chardonnay. I have often expressed my love for being near to nature - be it fire, water or earth... it is one of those things which affords much solace and peace. I sat watching as the tide rose and the waves crashing against the rocks became increasingly grander as the minutes passed.



I was not hungry - not at all actually, but was particularly curious to try a couple of these "pinchos". Time was a little tight, so I opted for something which I knew would be a quick prep. I settled on the flash fried calamari which was served with Romesco sauce and then... my BEST - PRAWNS which were accompanied by a piment d' espelette sauce.

The portions were VERY much starter size, but were both ABSOLUTELY divine!!!! Got to give it to the prawns though. I will take prawns ANY way and I am one of those people that eats the crunchy tail and sucks the brains haha!!! Although, these were pretty much Panko style prawns... so no "brains" or butter covered fingers from peeling out the delicious inners!



With the loungers scattered all over the place overlooking perfection, I imagined resting rear end on them with plenty of time spent, feet up - in the best of company, wasting away the hours - sipping on the sunset, talking about nothing and everything in one seamless round trip. Life offers it's greatest pleasures in the Details...



Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx






What an awesome place @jaynie, there are so many hidden treasures right under our noses not so, we just need to get out and not always look for greener grass on the other side;)
Lovely photos of a gorgeous venue, glad you discovered this hidden gem!

So true @lizelle - we are blessed with a country FILLED with hidden treasures and yet most of us that live here, seldom take the time to go out and enjoy them lol. In fact, many don't even know they exist - myself included!

 3 months ago 

Those first two photos are especially awesome! Love that tidal pool! And that second shot really does look like a little slice of paradise!


A stunning place, I have to say! Will definitely be going back!

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Great post. You make me want to hop on a plane!

Hop hop!! haha :)

This looks like a good spot for sure; Nice colours in the shots looking out over the rock pool.

I get great satisfaction from the contemplation of situation which adds a whole lot more colour to even those already vivid hues. A combination of colour which is quite magical really.

I'd like to see it for myself someday...And yeah, I agree...Taking a moment to see wondrous things more clearly and with greater passion, will add to its vibrancy.

I'd like to see it for myself someday...

I will take you there when you come to Saffer land.

Deal - I'll not forget.

Good thing that!


The food looks amazing. I would love to eat it with this view...

The food WAS brilliant! The views - breathtaking!

Ah the views are amazing, the colour of the water is magnificent!
A carbie and a brain sucker? You're a dangerous combination Jaynie hahahha. The food looks awesome, sounds like the kind of restaurant one has to go at least once

A carbie and a brain sucker? You're a dangerous combination

The best/worst combo really isn't it HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

sounds like the kind of restaurant one has to go at least once

Perhaps twice or thrice. :)

Wow what a sweet place!

Sweet indeed!!!