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RE: Should I Give Money to a Begging Child When Traveling?

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This article deserves to be seen by many so I'm giving it a reblog. I loved how you relayed what you see and what's your perspective regarding this matter. If I was asked the first time and haven't read this, I may have handed food instead of money. However, I wouldn't know what to do if the number of begging children is more than one or two.

True that organizations can help, but you have to be vigilant as well as not to fall into some pretentious organization. Sometimes, it's harder to trust adults than kids. But we can't abolish the fact that some are being used for selfish reasons.

I enjoyed reading your output today @jacuzzi! 😉


@imawreader : Thank you for the kind words.

It's true... who can we trust these days? What organizations are good and fighting the good fight, and what ones are just taking advantage... more so if you are traveling and in a small town and you really just want to help... I fear, there is no good answer to any of this without taking a lot of time to discover the truth, and most times, as a traveler you don't have the luxury of time.

For myself, I like to believe in people, I like to believe that at least 75% of the people in the world are good. So, if this was a Casino, I would bet that the majority of people I meet, are good-hearted (or at least the majority of the time). So if I was in a small town and had a few days, felt completed to help, I would ask a few locals, get an idea of what's going on, then trust that the group in town is fighting to do good.

Thank you for your open mind and nice comment.

You're right about that. I'll take that advice and keep it in mind. Once I get to travel and get in the situation, I'll try to remember what you said. #wisdom