No.39 Cafe and Woo-Cafe Art Gallery Chiang Mai

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Hello again fellow travellers! This is the last bit I have to show you from Chiang Mai, Thailand. I know it seems like mostly Cafe shops on this trip but Nat loves coffee and these are the places we often end up at. Even so all of these are quite unique and interesting to see. If you missed my last post from Chiang Mai where I shared our Zip Line and Hike and Mountain Biking adventures, you can click here to check it out. And without further adieu, here are the two places for today:

No.39 Cafe


This place was a bit far from the center of the city but it was worth the trip. In the center there's a massive pool filled with water and I assume paint of some sort, that colored it in this vivid turqoise. There were more than one places you can enter and buy pastries and coffee from, but they were all rather small and without much space to stay inside if any. The place gave me a very summer villa pool party from the 90s vibe.

The place was quite full but since everyone is so spread out in groups it don't feel as packed as it is and there was a place for everyone.

You can see it is a popular place to take pictures, as we weren't the only ones doing so. :)

We came here in the morning before our flight back to Bangkok ,so we didn't have much time to hang around. Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera with me and we don't have many photos other than these from the phone.

Woo-Cafe Art Gallery


This place is right in the center of Chiang Mai. It's pretty big and full of decorations of all sorts. It is a bit chaotic and you enter through some sort of a gallery shop from which you can buy some of these decorations. The place was full of vases and jars with flowers in them, ceramics, vases and so much more.

The entrance is a bit secluded behind a parking lot but not easy to miss.





These are some of the many interesting decorations you could find around the Cafe.

We came here at early lunch time so we weren't too hungry but yet hungry enough to order something. The food was pretty nice and served in interesting plates as well. We sat at the furthest part inside which for some reason reminded me of Hobbiton from The Lord Of The Rings, mostly because of the circular shape of the windows that we were looking at.

I went heavy on the breakfast so all I had was a strawberry smoothy with yogurt. The size was quite big so I definitely don't regret getting only that.

Here's a photo of my back, enjoying my smoothy and looking at the little garden outside.

IMG_8241 - Copy.jpg
Nat had coffee.. duh.. and a traditional Northern style curry. We did have a traditional nothern buffey the night before with a pretty cool show as well. Don't have much photos from that one though and it was dark, so phone photos came even worse.. ^^

Even their plates looked a bit like antiques.

This photo is of the entrance/exit. You can see along the way in there's many little decorations displayed on the sides and the road leads you to a small store of a sort.

Here's one small part of the store. They had all sorts of plates and other ceramics for sale and on the other side (no idea why there are no photos of it), there were big decorative vases and lamps that looked like antiques or like they've been broken and reconstructed.

With that the tour around Chiang Mai Cafe Shops and the city itself is over. I hope you enjoyed it! Next up are some of the most beautiful places I've visited - the islands of Thailand. If you are interested in travel and want a bit of warmth while it's snowy outside stay tuned for our trips at the beach! :)


From the first picture it reminded me of tree houses and wondering if anybody would use the slide but even before reading there further down there was definitely something weird with the colour of that water and thought it looked more like paint which you also mention, think I changed my mind about use of the slide lol.

that place does look relaxing, the pool looks like the perfect place to take a dip during some really warm weather 😁 the flowers around the place also adds to the fragrant ambiance! 😃 Thank you for sharing such a wonderful spot to see!


Thanks for passing by! The water is definitely not for swimming though. They have filled it with some kind of paint to make it this color.. :D

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