Living the American Dream: All the way down to Utah!

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We all love to travel. Some of us prefer the luxurious life picking a high-end hotel while exploring the surroundings and don't risk too much adventuring on the many hidden paths of nature, and some enjoy the simple life, having a tent and a car to roam the world being the single needs to have a huge smile on the face.


But the truth is that we all love travelling.
In different ways and different locations, but that's why we are different.

The awesome thing is that travelling connects people more than any other activity in my opinion, and the infinite stories you get to share and be shared with about various locations on the earth make your heart pump up a little bit faster than any other excitement moment of life. Or at least, this is me, a person who's happiness is directly connected to travel, adventure, mountains, outdoors, new places, and the infinite urge of wanting to jump in the car and hit the road to anywhere.

The contest held by @pinmapple and @haveyoubeenhere community came right in time with this period when most of us get to travel only virtually by reading others' posts and dream away to the day when everything will be back to normal or close to normality so we can discover new places out there and conquer the world, but until then this is my entry to the Pinmapple If I had $1000 Contest! All the way down to Utah!


Royalty free image thanks to Unsplash

The reality is that if someone would throw me 1000$ just to travel anywhere, I would most likely end up very confused not knowing what to pick and where to go first since I have so many places on my bucket list where I want to go. But since I live in Europe, I guess there are many out there who will understand me when I say that I would love to live the American dream.

We all have plenty of destinations on the list, and we all dream to that moment when we will get to reduce that list drastically getting to travel more, but in reality, most of us end up only by adding a few more places on the list once in a while and barely get to cut off some of them, which is kind of sad, but I'm used to look out only for the best part in all the things going on and I'm really glad I got to virtually travel to so many places with the help of this blockchain, feeling so close to some destinations that I'll probably never visit.

So for today's post I picked going to Utah!


Royalty free image thanks to Unsplash

Since I was very young I never stopped hoping that one day I'll make my way to the States visiting Arizona, Nevada, Utah, or any other state with those amazing canyons and rock formations we only get to read about in magazines or see documentaries about. And most of my bucket list is dominated by them, so what better moment to travel to some of these, if not now?

Royalty free image thanks to Unsplash

Living in Romania, most likely the 1000$ would barely be enough for one way ticket to the United States, which I can't really comply about since I would find lots of things to do while being out there.
But one of the first places I would really enjoy starting my journey with, would definitely be the Arches National Park.
I love mountains, I love rocks, and I love seeing natural formations being carefully formed with the help of nature.
Yes, people do have awesome abilities to create some amazing stuff but so they have to ruin everything without having a real reason. And all these things made me become more and more grateful to everything I get to see which has been never (or very little) touched by a human being.
The Arches National Park is a place that gathers yearly millions of tourists from all the corners of the world that are coming to see the beautiful arches naturally formed through erosion and whose number keeps increasing being able to easily count up to 2,000 different arches, each with a different story and view to admire from the heights.
Despite the thing that the park covers a total surface of 310 squared km and many tourists are coming by, you'll still get the feeling of being so tiny in front of the greatness of nature which never stops surprising us with more hidden gems.

Some documentaries attest the fact that you can see the whole park in just 2 or 3 hours of driving the car, but most likely I could spend some days in the same place and still not see everything or get rid of the desire to explore every single part of the area.


Royalty free image thanks to Unsplash

As much as I love seeing colours and the fresh green of nature, as much I would love to end up on such an arid area just for the sake of the rock formations and all the beauty Utah has to offer.

@joshman was one of the first ones I've seen sharing stories from Utah in 2019 in an older post which you can check here, but also @coloneljethro who wrote some words about Utah a few days ago here, both of them giving me a mixed feeling of melancholy and happiness that I can only see those places in pictures.

There are so many locations which you could explore in Utah that it makes you feel powerless and lost in time not being able to. I remember playing videos on YouTube with the Horseshoe Bend and other locations from Utah over and over again, just to feel very familiar with the images and feel like I've already been there and now I'm just admiring some memories shared by a different traveller. But this kind of moments makes you pay a little more attention to what your country has to offer and become more determined to explore it to the fullest before making your way to a different continent.


Royalty free images thanks to Unsplash

As impressive as Utah is trough its rock formations and amazing landscapes over the valleys which make it a great place to admire the sunsets or even sunrises, as many other places it has to offer. Yes, there are lots of such parks one more beautiful than the other, but the possibilities of seeing other locations are literally infinite.


Royalty free image thanks to Unsplash

For example, the Great Salt Lake Desert which kind of reminds me of a terrible disaster from my country in a tiny village know as Geamana where greedy people sacrificed many lives and their houses just for the sake of getting richer and exploiting a copper mine without thinking of the level of cruelty they showed back in communism when happened.

Happily, this is not the case of the Great Salt Lake Desert and the single thing they have in common is the bloody colour of the water. Great Salt Lake Desert is located in the Northside of Utah and it was born at the end of the last ice age when Lake Bonneville dried up due to the change of the climate from that region. After more than 14,000 years since this happened, all that is left are the pale colours of the lake and the white desert situated nearby which is created entirely from salt that is used only for military purposes, and which is located at the border with Nevada.


Royalty free image thanks to Unsplash

But my journey wouldn't end here because @carlgnash helped me discover another part of Utah through his journey to Crystal Geyser that is a completely different world from anything else I was seeing before, where you will find some spectacular shots taken on his post which I really suggest to give it a read.

This place not only that it left me speechless seeing all those incredible formations and minerals in their natural shape, but it also made me feel like I was virtually stepping on Mars. The Crystal Geyser is located just 7.2 km away from Green River and it represents a rare example of a cold-water carbon dioxide driven geyser whose geothermal activity doesn't play any role in the movement of the geyser.

Unfortunately, for Romania, the word of geyser represents just a spectacular thing you can only search on google to admire because we don't have any over here or in the countries nearby. So it definitely represents something unique and a must-see for anybody who loves exploring uncommon destinations.

These are just a few of the places I would love to visit during my journey to the States, but for me, Utah is, and will always remain a place you can only dream about, or if you get to visit it still feel like living a beautiful dream.


Royalty free image thanks to Unsplash

Last but not least, I want to personally thank all the members who hide behind those communities and who work hard with each passing day to point out some amazing locations and authors who deserve more exposure on the blockchain (@martibis, @choogirl, @livinguktaiwan, @itchyfeetdonica, @lizanomadsoul), as well as all the sponsors who made the contest possible (@ausbitbank, @c0ff33a, @crimsonclad, @eturnerx, @martibis, @roelandp). You can also find out more about the contest right here.

If there were more people like you, the blockchain would be a better place for all of us and I'll be forever thankful for all the support I received from these communities (and a few others too), that supported me since I made my very first steps on the blockchain and believed in me more than I did!


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Oh! And here's how my travels currently look like on the @pinmapple map. A total of 163 pins added in two different countries. Hopefully one day I'll be able to add at least one pin on every single country or state. Pretty crazy and funny at the same time, huh? Sending warm hugs and lots of good thoughts from Romania! flagromania_1f1f71f1f4.png




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Discord: GabrielaTravels#0104


The opening line (visible from the front page of Hive) has a typo. "White" should say "while".

A bit odd this awkward text - combined with somebody else's stock photos - is on the front page, actually.

Thanks for the typo, just fixed it.

As for my post, if you would actually read it you will understand why is it there. I have over 200 travel posts, all mine, except this one which is a different situation. So I suggest you to give it a read before you judge ;)

After seeing all those stunning photos (although not yours this time), I can totally understand your choice :) I am sure you will get to visit Utah one day and I am even more sure you will make absolutely amazing posts about that trip hehe :)

Haha, thanks so much for the kind and encouraging words ☺️
Each state has some amazing places that you won't find anywhere in Europe so I'm completely in love with them 😍

Amazing choice!
That would have been a wise choice where to spend $1000. Hardly you can find better destination from Utah. Road trip there is an awesome experience.
You know what... I will make a short photography post from that state right now thanks to you recalling my memories :)

Oh yeah, I have no doubt about it. I spend some good hours not being sure if I should write about Utah, Arizona, or Nevada, but I'm happy I made this choice and to see your memories from there :)

Hmmmm, you should do it altogether :)
These three states you mentioned plus few neighbor states combine in an epic roadtrip! Trust me :)

I do trust you! And I hope one day I'll be able to return on here with some great stories from there :)

Wow, excellent choice! I've also only seen these views from photos. I'm sure they would look more awesome up close and personal.

PS ; I've not yet checked out @pinmapple's contest. Let me head over there and see if I can participate. :D

Thanks! Yeah, I'm happy that I got the chance through their contest to show off one of the places that I'd really love to visit by myself one day too. Just make sure to check their post and jump in! Lots of cool prizes are waiting :)

Yeah, I saw it just now. I've already crossed a few entries for the raffle. I see there's ample time to participate, I'll definitely join! <3

Awesome! Good luck! ^_^

Great post. Great idea for a trip.
If I ever go there, your post will definitely be useful to me.

Thanks so much! My post would be useful for me too if I get there someday, lol. Haha. Thanks for reading and stopping by, have a great day!

Oh yeah! The wild west yeeehawwww! I've been to Utah a couple of times and that first picture looking down the road to Monument Valley is pretty epic! It's a long hot drive to get there (although you'd probably have air conditioning in your car haha)!

You'd also want to do a 4x4 guided tour around the National Park and see all the impressive rock formations and would highly recommend you camp out overnight because the stars are really something special. Absolutely no pollution and you can see everything!

Great choice little sister 😊

Really? I never know that you made it out to the states. That's so amazing and now I'm even more jealous on you little brother haha! You have awesome picks for the travels it seems :)

Hey, thanks for the mention, I'm glad you enjoyed that! Utah really is a lovely place. If you're looking to make that $1000 go further, there's an interesting little hostel in Moab called the Lazy Lizard that's cheap ($12 a night when I was there in 2017) and makes for a good base camp for seeing Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. Plus Moab is a great place for all sorts of other adventures :)

Oh, that's some precious information! Thanks for sharing it! Will definitely keep in mind for whenever I get the chance to visit Utah :)

And no worries about the mention, the pleasure was all mine :)

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Your travel posts always inspire me and really fill me with admiration that you indeed are making the most of seeing your country while you're young and free, hope you indeed find your way to Utah one day! In fact I'm sure you will find a way to make that dream a reality. Dreaming is free but believing in that dream can turn it into a reality!

Thank so much for your kind words. They do encourage me to push my limits even more when exploring my country and to promote it further! :) And thanks, I do hope that one day I'll discover Utah :)

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Beautiful Utah love all sorts of rock formation one place i got to see next time i am in America you have some great photos 👍

Those are stock photos but thanks for checking out my post!

Oh...ok but they were nice to look at anyways 👍

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