Vivo X60 Pro Plus - Widescreen Scope Cinematic Sample Video - Mercado Central Valencia!

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Check out this sample video of the Vivo X60 Pro Plus / + Shot in their cinematic widescreen aspect ratio. This was shot straight out of the box, without looking into settings too much and not knowing really was I was doing.

And I must say I'm impressed overall. I might have shot it into low of resolution BUT that something I'll pay attention to next time. And what really stands out is the in phone gimbal and software stabilization. I think I can leave my Osmo Pocket at home from now.

Let me know what you think and compare a video I took with the a Lumix on an external gimbal, also filming the Mercado Central.

Also let me know if you have any questions about this phone - this is the Chinese version.

Which can be ordered here. (affiliate link)

Or if you want to check on Amazon if the Vivo X60 Pro Plus Global version is available, please check here. (affiliate link)

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