Some New Additions From Valley View Farms

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Spring is another great time to visit Valley View Farms! I've been here before and this time I have a list so come on along with me and let's see if they will have what I'm looking for!


Valley View Farms is located in Baltimore County, Maryland at 11035 York Road, Cockeysville, Maryland 21030.


I did some work in the garden a few weeks ago and my husband and I decided to add a couple of small Evergreens to an area of the garden on the side of the house. I'll be showing that work off in a later post. We looked around online and decided that we wanted two Blue Star Junipers so we set out to a couple of nurseries nearby. We didn't have any luck so decided to order online when I thought to myself that maybe Valley View Farms would have some as they do usually have a great selection of plants and such. I also needed something new to hold an Air Plant in that I got for Christmas and I remembered seeing some nice ones there as well.


So, off we went and (wow) they sure had a lovely selection of plants and trees ...




... but did they have those Blue Star Junipers? If they do then they should be just around this corner.


Jackpot! They had about half a dozen and they all looked gorgeous so we picked out two and they were about the same price as the ones we looked at online and were larger.



There were some nice weeping trees on the lot including this Weeping Evergreen and this Weeping Redbud. I don't think that I've ever seen a Weeping Redbud before and it looked beautiful!


They had a lot of Japanese Maples in many different sizes and they were all magnificent looking. They tend to be a bit pricey anywhere and Valley View Farms is certainly known for the quality of their trees and plants.



We went inside to the Air Plant area and while they did have some cute little holders, they were all just too small for what needed so I did strike out there but I can easily order something online.


There were some big planters outside and I'm thinking of buying one at a later date for an idea in the garden but that may not happen this season.


It was nice to look at all of the trees, plants and flowers there even if we weren't buying them but you know how that goes sometimes. My husband saw this Lemon Cypress and really liked it and so did I so we added it to our cart alongside the two Blue Star Junipers.



I also got to wondering if, possibly, they would have any Conehead plants aka Echinacea. We looked and looked and just as I was ready to give up my husband spotted some. I have Coneheads in a side garden and lost one of my plants to slugs so now was my chance to replace the one lost to those pesky pests. Since my husband found them I let him pick out the variety we would replace the ones that we lost with. He picked out a hybrid known as "Marmalade". Interesting that he chose that being that he is allergic to the citrus oranges. I took this photo once I got home since I forgot to take one while there.


Let's look around some more and before we leave I really must go check out the Koi and big pond on the property!





I especially liked these Rex Begonia's and colorful Flaming Sword plants.



These flowers in the watering can planters were a colorful and nice display too!


We headed over towards the pond area and came across some nice looking water fountains. My favorite was the one in the upper right corner of the collage.


To get to the pond you pass right by the Koi that they have there for sale. These were only a few of them.


They have several smaller ponds on the property but this is the large pond. I never thought I would want a pond but I do enjoy seeing the Koi here. Maybe if I had the property for it then I would re-think having a pond but it just wouldn't be feasible here.


There were so many beautiful Koi here but my favorite is the blue Koi as it reminds me of blue suede. Interesting thing with him is that my husband caught a glimpse of the underneath of the blue Koi and he has a golden color on the bottom.




My husband liked the pattern on an orange one in this bunch and I have to agree with him that it was really pretty. I tried to get a better photo to show off the pattern and show you as well.



This silver and gold Koi swam right up on this rock at the top of the pond. I think it may have wanted to go home with us or something. These Koi aren't for sale but live here in the pond as part of Valley View Farms.



Just a couple of more photos of the Koi and then it will be time to go! I love the different colors of a Koi in this next photo. It's the one with the white, silver, blue and gold coloring. Just beautiful!


I do love visiting them when we stop by Valley View Farms. Anyway, we have two Blue Star Junipers, a Lemon Cypress and a Conehead plant to get home and in the ground so it is time to wrap this up. Thanks for coming along with me to Valley View Farms again! Hope you enjoyed seeing everything and in another month or so it will look different again so you know I'll be back to see what is different and, of course, to check in on the Koi!



Just one edit and now we're done! 🙂


Thank you to everyone @haveyoubeenhere!!
Thank you Denise aka @dswigle for #marketfriday!!
All photos and text by me @deerjay. All rights reserved.



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Thank you very much @pinmapple!! 💖

I really like the different colors of the one Koi too.. it looks amazing!:D

Thanks so much @katrin-lux!! It sure is a beauty! 🙂

Like the fish picture 😊

Thanks so much @manorvillemike!! 🙂

I moved out of Maryland a couple years ago and miss going there!

Thanks @dabeckster!! It is a nice place just to visit and browse around except when it is overly Have you checked out any of the nurseries where you live now? I found out about one similar to Valley View Farms from @dswigle that is located in Virginia..looks pretty nice! 💖

There is Meadow Farms down here and we have a family owned place near us called Nalls. Valley View was always done up at the holidays very nicely.

There are two! One is called Merrifield Garden Center and there are two Meadow Farms. Both have two locations in Northern Virginia!

Thank you Denise!! I looked up Merrifield and it looks awesome. I will look up Meadow Farms also. I will probably never get to visit them but I still like to check them out. 🙂

They are all gorgeous! I think we just like flowers/garden shops.

Amazing garden shops.

And there are at least three in Maryland

Oh wow! Thanks Denise! There is one in Frederick and that is do-able. I like visiting Frederick cause it is the closest area to us that still has a Roy I miss having one of those near us and whenever we go to Frederick we make it a point on stopping for lunch or dinner. Meadow Farms is now on my list! 😉

You will have to tell me how the one in Fredrick is. I have not been to that one. Glad I could help! ❤️

Wow, what a beautiful nursery love the variety of plants and Koi fish they are just amazing I love them, that orange one looks like it's been tattooed 😂

Thank you very much @kohsamui99!! I never thought about that but now that you point it out, I can see that! 😉

Your welcome and you notice many Asians have the Koi fish tattoo on there bodies cause of the good luck and good fortune myth.


You had a great walk around the flowers and plants, I felt that I was there with your numerous lovely photos.

Thank you very much @angiemitchell!! I guess that is why I like to put so many photos so people can feel like they are right there with me. 😊

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 56 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks so much @pixresteemer!! 😘