"The Bird-Man" Catching Waves!

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Epic Tales of the "Bird-Man"

My son Owen, otherwise known as "The Bird-Man" had a great day with his Grandma "Muv" at the beach. This was an extra special week-end and we got to spend a lot of time with family, and a few birds too!

Hope you enjoy the series of random photos here, this is kind of like a children's book. So if you have little ones, I go through this on the ipad like I would a book and Owen loves it, maybe you could do it for your kids too!

We're Always at the Beach!

Of Course since I live so close to the beach we had to go out and catch some waves! I mean, wouldn't you?

Taking Owen out in the water is a lot of fun, he's going to think he's a fish eventually so maybe I have to come up with a new nickname for him soon.

The waves were extra rough today so we didn't get to venture out too far. I think there is supposed to be a hurricane coming next week and could be the cause.

Next Tony Hawk

I'm not going to lie, I would love it if Owen wants to become the next Tony Hawk. I'm trying to teach him how to balance on a skateboard almost every time I have him. The scooter I got him also rides just like a skateboard, pretty soon he'll advance to standing up on it, hopefully soon too! He's been riding the scooter since he was about 16 months old, and he's zooming around on it at this point.

New Buzz Lightyear!

I went to Target today and got Owen a bunch of new toys since he's almost 2 years old now. His favorite one of them all is his new Buzz Lightyear. He was so excited he couldn't help but bring him outside on his scooter with me when we went to the park.

I tried my best to tell him I didn't think it was going to work out well for him, but how do you convince a two year old!

Great Time with Grandma!

I guess since Grandma is in town we had to go all out even more than we normally do, which is already pretty wild!

We love going to eat seafood by the water, it's our favorite and we also love eating oysters and shrimp! I think Owen and his Grandma have something in common though, and that's their love for ketchup. This kid will eat an entire bottle of it if I let him.

I've been giving Owen so many nicknames, "The Bird-Man" is just one of many. We also went and got a bunch of new toys, Buzz Lightyear was one of them and he absolutely loves the guy. His first sentence might very well be "To infinity, and beyond!" This is Owen's new "Scuba-Steve."


Bawknecht Family


Well, it turns out what you said was true. My one year old really liked the post. But, i am not sure if he was trying to scroll through the photos or was more attracted in the tablet itself.
Seems like a fun time with Grandma adventure is going out strong. Enjoy the waves.

Hive Children's books is real I guess! Babies love looking at other babies having fun, strange phenomena! Glad to hear you gave it a try, that's awesome!

Who would have thought that I would engage my baby on hive? lol Nice though. A true social media platform i the making.

Very beautifully written. (I forget that I am in live splinterland match while reading this.)

I appreciate that, I enjoyed making it! Probably messed your strategy up a bit in the SPT match!

go bird-man nice name for Owen

hahaha yea when I call him that he transforms and flies away!

haha transform that new kind

he is so cute runing little bird man and safety first can become a cutie meme

You're right! Safety first was my favorite too!

So adorable. Stay blessed :)

Thank you and he's too adorable not to share :)

Nice read!

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haha, won't be long before he's carving a bowl or shredding the local break!

you nailed it with these memes.