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RE: Good Bye from Steemitworldmap

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Very good update to the account name and work you’ve accomplished so far. It definitely makes sense to rebrand so you don’t have to have confused new users thinking what’s steemit? Lol

Thanks for the community names, I’ve been out there trying to connect with our new users and red fish so I will definitely have this one jotted down for those who like travel things. Who doesn’t like travel?!

Thanks so much for the update and good work on building the travel community here. 1 in 3 is an excellent ratio!


Travel is definitely an easier topic for newbies, and it doesn't have to be overseas travel. They can even introduce people to a local landmark so people can go there when they visit their city.

Hopefully people will learn more about Pinmapple through this post and the support we can offer them. And thank you for checking us out.


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