New England River Photography

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I wanted to share some great pictures of one of the things I love to see when I'm out and about in the mountain areas: rivers! We shot some cool ones, I think, while we were on our Foliage Ride.

The location I am trying to pin is White Mountains national forest in New Hampshire, USA. My first post in here so if I need to do something extra let me know! I plan on posting many things in here, since we’ve done a lot of great traveling!


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River Flows

Shout out to Riv, if she happens to read this, for the great name! Was certainly applicable to this fun post here.

On our recent trip to the mountains, we were trying to roam around and find cool areas to take pictures. We kind of found that out to be very literal as the first stop we made, the temperature went from 55 degrees all the way down to 46 with an insane and bitter wind! That made for the fastest trip out of the car and back into it lol.

Thankfully this spot was a lot warmer so we stayed for a while and got some interesting pictures. The little man was having a lot of fun with the river as well so we stayed for a while to let him play. It was many hours in the car for him so he was getting a little antsy to get out and roam around.


This river is located at the base of the mountain called Loon. It's a really popular ski and snowboard destination and my first time being there off season. I always saw the river frozen solid so this was a cool time to be there. The water and rocks look really cool in my opinion. It's a constantly flowing and pretty good sized river!


While I was poking around I saw that someone made this cool little decoration on the rock. Couldn't help but snap a picture of it! Quite a few nice colored trees in the background as well so that doesn't hurt.


I like the new lens we got that allows me to take a picture like this where I can focus on the river itself and do some blur of the forground. Was a nice picture to snap, I think!


One of the last stops in the journey was this place. We decided to pull off down the highway a few miles and make our way back home since it was 100 miles into New Hampshire and it was starting to get late. This area was nice because it had a very densely wooded trail and alongside it was this really nice little brook. It was one of the tributaries of the main river you can see in the pictures above, so it's quite a system! I like the look of the big rivers but I've always really loved the way the pictures come out for a brook like this, with the bottom of the river easily visible and the classic brown-ish color.


I think this is one of my favorite photos of the day, I took some interesting ones but I love the extension of this. It has a Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings feel to it, where I would expect orcs or something to cross the river en masse. I love finding these quaint little things dotted across the area, one of my favorite spots to visit since it's often very peaceful.


Looking down in the other direction, there is a bridge you can cross and that leads to a hiking trail. We only briefly checked it out since we weren't really equipped, nor was our son ready for a nice hike. Him and I did go a little ways up the trail though, so he enjoyed seeing the trees, leaves and all that jazz.


Another view from down the stream that I liked, looking upwards. I like seeing the deadfall that gets strewn across the river and seeing how it lands uniquely in many regards is pretty cool, in my opinion.


We will be taking more pictures in the coming days so I will be sure to try and make a few more posts to try and put them together in a little series like I did with this one!

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rocks and water always a great combo for photography.

Thanks! Yeah they are, I love getting the chance to capture them when I can. Thanks for the re-blog!

What a stunning place !!! River, Rocks and colour changing leaves just make a perfect scene 😍 Is it fall season there?

Thanks for checking it out! It is indeed fall season and it’s the best time to go out and get these types of pictures!

These are some amazing photos.
I totally love them all.

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it, I have preferences for some of the pictures but I think they are all unique in their own way.

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Awesome blog man and the photos are super-sweet!
Your favourite photo was my favourite photo too. It definitely has a Lord of the Rings feeling in to it! Haven't watched GOT to be honest (hahaha).

So many cool places to visit at your part of the world dude!