Vespa Tour of Bangkok City.

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Today we decided to do the #wednesdaywalk a little different we combined touring Bangkok on the back of a Vespa motorbike and walking together me been the passenger and my friend the driver this was going to be risky business in coordinating with me balancing myself on the back of the bike and taking photos at the same time and trusting my friend with his skills of driving 😨




So i was aimed with my smartphone with a wide lens connected to the phone camera which was lighter to handle and would capture more scenery and it was lighter then handling a big camera and i also wanted to test out this wide lens to see what quality of pictures i would get but obviously these were not going to be the best photos as trying to keep your balance and balance the camera while riding on the back of a bike was going to be challenging. We headed over to ChinaTown first down the main street which was pretty colorful scenery to capture on wide lens.




I love ChinaTown in Bangkok very colorful and always so vibrant there is movement going on all the time whether it's people working , shopping , walking around , having a feed by road at all the street vendors stalls or just driving through it is always one place everyone should visit if you ever visiting Bangkok City.




Heading out of ChinaTown we stared to head over to Khaosan Road near the Grand Place this is another very popular area for expats visiting Thailand Khao San Road is very popular with street bars and street food a great area for backpackers cheap area all round for accommodation and entertainment.




The Grand Place in Bangkok is one of my favorite temples to visit there is so much history and culture in the Grand Place that it is impossible to see all in one day just a remarkable Place packed with art , architectural building , temples , war museum and much more.




Around Khao San Road and the Grand Place you have many green areas you can walk around enjoying nature or do you stretching exercises and you have the Chao Phraya River walking distance from Grand Place or Khao San Road were you can take a boat ride along the river and enjoy seeing the culture of the new and old city of Bangkok and much more.



Before leaving the Grand Place area we decided to rest a bit from bike riding and walk up into one of the temples in the area and pay our respects to the Buddha to keep us safe on our journeys.


View from the temple top floor.


Then it was time to get some afternoon lunch by the Chao Phraya River before heading back home a nice Prawn Pad Thai with Egg was just perfect with a cool breeze from the river was even better.



We could see the normal everyday monsoon black clouds coming over so it was time to head back home before the down pour and we were lucky enough just to make it back home before the water gates opened up. I must say i was impressed with the quality of the photos considering the circumstances of been taken from the back of a Vespa motorbike 🙂




#wednesdaywalk hosted by @tattoodjay





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Thank you @dickturpin 👍

What a cool tour :) A lot of interesting architecture spotted :D Great shots.

@tipu curate 2

Thank you @phortun it was a real fun day and some thing different was really a enjoyable ride 👍

And thank you for your always support 😊

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Cool shots from the back of the Vespa and the wide lens on your phone works well

Thanks for Joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you @tattoodjay it was a fun day and a different experience did enjoy ourselves 👍

Thats great these days finding time for fun is important

I agree but we need to make that time for ourselves our bosses won't do it for

That’s very true luckily I am retired now and my own boss

Ahh..lucky you no one to control you 😂

Exactly 😂

Really nice to get a feel for the city. Thailand is on my list of places to visit. My self and Mrs Moon have also looked at possibly retiring there at some point in the future. We'll have to wait and see how that plan goes!

Happy you got a feel of the city it is a great place to retire but i wouldn't stay in the city i would live on a beach front some where in Thailand. Good luck with your decision 😊

Very impressive shots sis :)) very fantastic tour and I like that yellow Vespa 😃