Pattaya City and Beaches in Thailand !!

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Pattaya City is located on Thailand’s Eastern Gulf Coast about 120 km from Bangkok city , Pattaya city was ones known as a quiet fishing village in the 1960's but today it is now known for it's extreme night life and beaches. It is now a city with high rise condos and resorts lined all along the beaches and huge shopping malls all over the city but all nicely laid out without looking like a busy chaotic city.









We decided to book a hotel on Jomtien Beach which is a couple of kilometers over the other side of the hill from Pattaya beach , i preferred Jomtien beach as it has a 6 km straight stretch of golden sandy beach it reminds me a bit of Miami beach in the USA or Gold Coast in Queensland , Australia. Also we found it much quieter then Pattaya beach not as rowdy.




Our Lodge the Palm Delight Lodge cost us $15 US per/night on the beach front a bargain.







Jomtien Beach has many attractions like thrilling water parks , botanical gardens and world know restaurants especially with there seafood restaurants but if you only want to be casual and lay around on the deck chairs on the beach front your can enjoy many types of Thai dishes that you can order front the beach vendors and have it bought to you or buy from the vendors walking along the beach you will never starve on the beach varieties of foods are astounding.









Even the beach dogs have there assigned area the cool spot there not silly 😅


I must say last time i was in Pattaya city about 2 years ago this town was pumping with tourist and many Russian people living in this city but by two factors first went the Russian currency fell many Russians return home and then the covid-19 came which has Pattaya city very quite and many bargains to be had on real estate good for the rich to be buying up for when the good times come back again and they will.










It was really a shame to see how much damage the covid-19 has caused , here we are at the most exclusive high end of Jomtien beach were once you had to book weeks ahead to get into one of these exclusive resorts and today they are all shut down costing the tourist industry millions of dollars in lost not mentioning how many people have lost there jobs. Not a tourist to been seen in sight 😗






Empty condos empty town houses these once condos and town houses by the beach front were been rented out from $600 to $1500 US per/month today you can rent them out for one third of that price but there is no one here to rent them out to unfortunately.








Everywhere i looked for sale signs up rental signs up , shops closed down a once thriving area all that remains is the Thai people themselves and the handful of foreigners that permanently live here and what a area to live in meters from the beach front if you want and every type of restaurant and convenient store you need not to mention three huge gyms in this little area of Jomtein beach.









One of my friends who not long ago moved to Pattaya city from Bangkok city had invited me up to the unit he was renting in the center of Pattaya city one street back from Pattaya beach with city views and beach views unfortunately it happen to rain while i was visting him but nevermind the views were still romatic and breathtaking. He is paying $270 US per/month for this one bedroom condo on the 37th floor how awesome i told him i am moving to 🙂


The Lobby of his condo building.





Infinity pool , spa pool , gym and sky lounge with these views all around how awesome what a bargain would have loved to seen it on a clear day.





Pattaya city has so much to offer and even more it's a clean city with wide roads the city has great vibes as a tourist it is the perfect desnation and as a resident living here you would feel as if you were on a life time vacation that's how i felt it.











Loved the cafe with this twisting baynan tree mixed in with the tangling electric wiring it all blended in magnificently.




The Jomtien mobile Bug seller any Bug you desired he had it ready to eat with a bit of chilli sauce and mixed herbs 😋




On that last evening before heading back to Bangkok city the next morning we had a clearer evening without the afternoon moonson showers darkening the sky and it made me happy leaving Jomtien beach capturing these lovely sunset to complete this post.












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It's pretty same situation here in Da nang Sis, shame...It's sad many businesses and lives have been huge affected by Covid-19 and still don't know when the pandemic going to be over.
Anyways, greats captures as always sis and I'm sure that you are enjoying your holiday. I have been hearing about Pattaya a lot from tourists who travel to Thailand :))

The cafe with this twisting baynan tree mixed in with the tangling electric wiring is really impressive and special 🙂 I love it

Great post. Thanks for sharing Sis 💖

It really has taken a toll on the whole world in every aspect hopefully this vaccine is found soon 😒

Baynan trees are my favorite and this one was really something a real spiritual tree this one was 🙂

Have a great weekend @trangbaby stay safe and healthy 😁

This brought back many memories i visited there maybe 35 years ago and boy has it changed

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

You are welcome @tattoodjay my first visit to Pattaya was 21 years ago and i have been back there at least ones a year i have certainly seen the changes alone the way , you would be lost in this city now.

I bet I would be totally lost cheers

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De nada @bigsambucca

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Something like "You're welcome" 😉

Wow! It's a scenic big in the city!

Definitely one beautiful city and cheap to live in 😊

I know we have talked about this and I am so amazed at the prices for such luxury, the beauty it encompasses, and the peacefulness of the sea.

Oh, and let's not forget about the bugmobile! LOL Where would I be without my supply of the good stuff? The photos you took at the end with the evening sky and people scattered along the beach are stunning, as are most of your shots of nature. It is so crazy that this virus is bankrupting the world! I feel sorry for all those people that were dependent on the tourist trade. Hopefully, they put money away for a rainy day! Do you think you will be able to move there? Can you work remotely from there? Wouldn't that be nice! I have done my first reading all of the #MarketFriday posts, which I normally do before I comment on any. It has been my habit since the beginning of the challenge. I have told all of you how humbled I am, so many people taking the time to put a quality post together, so that we may share with each other.

To this day, I learn something new each time I read your post, sometimes only a small detail is new, but, it is a process, like building with blocks. Each time, more blocks are added until I understand how it is built, or how you think. Your culture is one to be proud of and I am so excited to learn more each week. I am fascinated by it all. I never like to miss anything on it. I cannot even begin to tell you how much they mean to me, that you take the time. There have been some really interesting ways that #MarketFriday has been presented, all of which add more charm to the mixing bowl. The challenge points out our differences, but, then, it also shows many things our cultures share. When the day is done, it shows off how human we all are and how we basically all care about our families and others.

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It is a real shame to see no tourist around and these people would not have been able to put money away for a rainy day well not enough it is really hurting them a lot.

I was talking to my boss today i can move there and work from there if i wanted to they have a office there also i am strongly considering this opportunity.

Thank you for your always kind words you have a great day my friend 😊

Do it!! But, the nightlife and excitement of the city will have to be put away for now. :))

I am actually going to be going back to Pattaya next week to have a meeting hopefully i could be moving there i will just need to control myself with the nightlife there...hehe 😁

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