Tesla disables Auto Pilot after used car sale

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After buying a used Tesla Model S from a used dealer, Tesla remotely disabled the Autopilot features. Tesla states the features were not paid for by the Alec, the new owner of the car. The features were in the description when Alec bought the car but removed by the time he picked it up.

The car was bought by the dealer from an official Tesla auction with the features advertised as included by Tesla. The autopilot features retail around $8,000 USD when purchased with the vehicle.

Tesla has recent identified instances of customers being incorrectly configured for Autopilot versions that they did not pay for. Since, there was an audit done to correct these instances. Your vehicle is one of the vehicles that was incorrectly configured for Autopilot. We looked back at your purchase history and unfortunately Full-Self Driving was not a feature that you had paid for. We apologize for the confusion. If you are still interested in having those additional features we can begin the process to purchase the upgrade.
- Tesla Support

As we head into the future and more manufacturers develop smart cars this will be a more common situation. These features are similar to DLC (downloadable content in games) and may start to introduce similar customer frustrations.

With these features being "software updates" will you even own them and be able to transfer ownership to new owners well selling or buying a vehicle. Most software applications specifically state you do not own the software and only have a right to use it. Removing features or even preventing resale of the software is fairly common practice.


Wow! That's bullshit!

I thought this was going to be a safety reason, however it appears to be purely economic. Essentially trying to sell something twice. I hope the driver gets his money back, if that was a feature he really wanted.


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When DLC comes to cars.

I guess purchasing cars will be more and more expensive in future.

That not only impacts those who purchase the cars used, but also those who are buying it new need to understand if they are paying for a feature that remains with the auto, or a feature that is attached to an enduser

Could be an insurance reason too. They new owner might have to sign some type of waivers, there could be an ongoing cost to running the software etc etc etc. It is not really a black and white issue as autopilot is still not legal everywhere, and these cars haven't been given the green light.

Consumerism sucks and paying for stuff twice sucks, but I have a feeling there's more to it than just plain greed, even if we know that exists.

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The other week I wrote about the ownership of technology after Sonos stopped supporting software on some of their products that were still available for retail sale. I have some Phillips Hue lights - they can basically flick a switch and leave me in the dark.

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If that's the licensing model they want to use, they need to be consistent. Like, if I bought a fleet of Tesla vehicles, all the same model, and the license can only work with one vehicle, can I transfer the license from one to the other?

No wonder tesla shares dropped last week...

sucks to be you if your using autopilot at the time

"for control of the car, please pay $8000"

yeah ok i'll pay but can you wait till i get home. kinda busy at the moment

"if your hands are full, try using our patented autopilot system"

I would assume Tesla would be at least smart enough to verify the car is parked and off before making any changes.

Ahaha, that's a lot of faith in "smart people."

Thats fucked up!
I mean, its a smart business model, but its confusing and annoying to deal with :/

I think the person buying the car has a legitimate fraud claim here since the item purchased was advertised with the feature by the company that owns the IP.

I am guessing a lot of that 8000$ covers insurance and development. There is probably a whole lot of stuff you must agree to.
Maybe the dealer should have to pay for not making it clear? Or the customer should get a refund?

Yup, there is probably more to that $8000 price, but this doesn't seem to have been written by a Tesla supporter.

Can you clarify what you mean buy 'this'?

“This” meaning the article, news bit, memo, or whatever we are calling it.

Sounds like those brands that I am not going to name, that say, if you don't replace everything in your car every two months... or six... or whatever, they we do not warrant the car!

Comparing to crypto language...

If you do not PAY X % of FEE for transferring Y Crypto then you might need to wait up to days... or maybe even not receive the transfer because the likelihood for you to enter a fork is very high.

Really Tesla? I got a bit disappointed since they started playing "rich". Someday someone will (if not already had) hack that thing and show the world what you can do with a Tesla.

If you dont own the software, you dont own the car 😂

can i download it from PB? :D

He should get his money back or at least a $8000 refund for the listed software, especially since the original invoice from Tesla listed the option.

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He is sending it to everyone, I think I know who it is. He's been buying up leases from Minnow Booster.

Inb4 pirated copies of autopilot start surfacing 😇


Interesante el tema.

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