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RE: The side of effects of COVID on potato farming

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I love my potatoes so have been having them as often as I can.

One of the programs the Canadian brought out was to purchase surplus food stocks from farmers at fair value and then distribute them to food banks. Farms get the surplus taken away and struggling families get fresh food on the table.


Would be nice to have more programs like that but ultimately we foot the bill one way or another.

In most cases I'd agree with that. This situation is unprecedented, well at least in the last 100 years. By purchasing the goods from the farmers, they now have funds to put back into producing more food to keep the supply chain going and those hammered economically by this pandemic get much needed help. Without the program, the farmers would have needed direct support to keep our food supplies producing which is more or less what was paid to buy the produce. And those in need would gain no benefit while the farmer would have to dispose of produce that is going to start rotting. The program maximizes return.

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