The bug lady has just arrived!

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Hello Stem Geeks!

I have just landed on the platform and decided to bring my passion for insects with me. If you like diving into the macroworld of bugs and learning cool facts about them, feel free to follow me on a journey into the mysterious universe of the macroscale.

Our opening post is about one of my favorite spider species, Thomisus onustus, the incredible crab spider!

crab spider 2.png

One of the most fascinating facts about this species is that they are not orb weavers. These spiders are ruthless hunters. They lurk hidden in between flowers and attack their innocent prey, which are basically insects which visit flowers (like bees, wasps and flies). They have two very strong front legs that help them attack their "victim" before they finish it off with a strong bite on its back.

Certainly not a good way to go...

Beautiful sneaky little bastards...

crab spider.png

Another equally amazing fact about these lurkers is their excellent skills in camouflage. With their colors varying from dark brown to yellow brown for males and pale brown, pink, white or yellow for females, they have a wide range of colorful flowers they can pick as their hiding spot.

crab spider 3.png

Nasty eight-legged bitches, aren't they?

All photos and video taken by me, @ruth-girl - Not free for re-use

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These 'bug' posts are going to be fun. My husband doesn't understand my interest in insects, although he listens when I describe one of my 'discoveries' :)

That's ok if he doesn't understand, there are lots of us here who share the same passions! 🤗

🌞 🌸🌞

And just like that, the queen of bugs is back! It's good to see you rekindle your affair with these small creatures :D

Yeah, I figured I can "reignite" my old passion here! 😋😘

Nice :) skrab spider