HeyStack progress! - First week of December

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What is HeyStack?

HeyStack is a Hive-orientated crypto portfolio tracker project. It was my entry to the STEMGeeks Hackathon that took place back in the spring. I am still working on it. Note to self - if it's a two week contest, choose a project that takes two weeks to build.

There are many crypto portfolio trackers out there but none of them allow for the multitude of complexities that arise from the Hive blockchain. The aim of HeyStack is thus to provide Hive users with their own tailor-made system.

This will combine all the elements that you would expect from a typical portfolio tracker:

  • Coin balances and holdings breakdown;
  • Portfolio growth over time;
  • Trade histories;
  • Realised / unrealised gains and losses; and
  • Pretty charts.

But also all the financial transactions peculiar to Hive:

  • Author and curation rewards;
  • Transfers;
  • Power ups and downs;
  • Trades, conversions etc.

Progress report: First week of December

Why a progress report? Well, it's a little backwards but basically I haven't made as much progress as I'd like recently. So the aim is to document what I'm doing more regularly and thus encourage / embarrass myself into progressing a little more.

So for this first week of December I was mainly working on a game I'm building (non blockchain related). But I did find time to make a couple of small improvements on the HeyStack Journey view.

Journey view improvements

The Journey view is the page which allows you to produce charts from your uploaded Hive data. As a sneak preview it currently looks like this:


The upper chart is my Hive Power balance over 2020, denominated in Hive Power. The lower chart is my Hive Power balance over 2020, denominated in USD.

So you can see me powering down in April to take advantage of the Hive pump in May, before bringing back the same dolphin-sized amount of HP in August. A little early unfortunately - but far from the worst set of trades I ever made.

You can see the charts more clearly here:

So what did I actually do in the changes this week?
(a) Allow for chart values to be produced in coin amounts, e.g. HP (previously everything was in USD).
(b) Get the upper chart / lower chart functionality working (previously everything overwrote the upper chart).

So not a huge amount! But that's kind of the idea of this post. And at least I'm pleased with what I have done.


So the next thing for me to do is produce a list / roadmap of what actually still needs doing. And then I can start crossing things off!

With luck, I'll get it (or at least a first passable working version) done by the end of the year.

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Hey it'll be cool to see a working version, it's a great looking tool!

You had me sold with 'pretty charts'.

@tipu curate


First working version hopefully by the end of the year. If I keep saying it then it'll come true.

I'm sure you'll get there, but there's not too many days left!

Indeed a good work, share with us!

I will do, it will be open-source. But it needs some work still first!

I love seeing projects like this.

It really adds to the experience on Hive.

I look forward to more updates as you get into next year.

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Hopefully people will find it useful once I get it finished.