Fix a computer that won't turn on - Episode 1 - remove ram

in hive-163521 •  2 months ago 

So I came back from a trip and after 3 days of not turning on my computer, I could not turn it on anymore. It will power on for a split second after I press the on button, but turn itself off again very quickly. It will repeat this process a few times, like it's trying to wake up from a bad nightmare, but it will turn back off eventually. So how do I fix this problem? Follow the journey!

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Eddie the Magic Monk has 16 years teaching experience as a high school teacher in Australia. He will explain things to you in the simplest way possible to help you fully understand high school mathematics and computer science concepts.

Eddie began his tutorial channel on Youtube in 2012. His videos have been well received all over the world and now has 22+ million views! He sees the benefit in multidisciplinary learning hence his tutorials cover topics ranging from maths to dance.

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