Investing In STEM Token - For Finance its LeoFinance; For Technology its StemGeeks...

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Hey All;

As for finance, you have Leofinance. The same stands true for Technology we have StemGeeks.

Do you LOVE talking/reading about technology, Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, BlockChain technology, and so forth then StemGeek is the place to be at. For a detailed list of what you can post here at StemGeeks check out the post - What content to publish on STEMGeeks using the STEM tag

When it comes to technology and reading stuff online; I've my favorite portals. To name a few they are geeksforgeeks, techcrunch, mashable, cloudfare (for onlinesecurity) , howtogeek and many others.
I'll do a separate post on listing my Top5 picks and a brief talk about it i.e. what I look forward to looking at those websites.

Bought STEM tokens & PoweredUp

Off lately I had been buying STEM tokens. And so far have been able to buy close to 1.8K+ STEM tokens.


If you talk about the price at which I bought the tokens. Then I would say that it would say that it's a mix of prices and if I average it out it would be close to 0.2 HIVE approx. for 1 STEM token.

I love setting GOALs for myself and for the STEM token I have a GOAL to have 10K STEM tokens. This is just a start and will be working out my way to slowly and gradually achieve my GOAL to powerUp 10K STEM tokens.


So here's is to the GOAL for STEM token; PoweringUp 1.8K STEM tokens;



Finally, I poweredUp these STEM tokens from my main account as I didn't want to get into creating a different account and then maintain a separate account for curating/writing here on StemGeeks. Just didn't want to get into all these hurdles and want things to be simple.

STEMGeeks & the Uproar

I would say that StemGeeks have already created a lot of changes that we have started to see a good momentum on the platform. From Burning the STEM tokens on a weekly basis to shifting to Linear rewards curation all has been implemented and is fully functional.

Check the recent Weekly STEM token Burn Report - STEMGeeks burn report - 32% burned this week

And following is the Stats tied to the STEM token economics;


Just check the numbers on the staked tokens which is 76%+ STEM tokens staked from the circulating supply; that's quite impressive.

As far as I see StemGeeks is poised to surge. It has everything that is required for an upcoming technology platform that is associated to Blockchain. StemGeek has a unique USP; where we have content tied associated with technology & everything around iT. As I said at the beginning of the post;

For Fiance its


For Technology its


Have Your Say...

What are your thoughts on the StemGeeks & its token STEM? Did you buy some STEM tokens at a cheaper price? And what are your thoughts on the STEM token economics? Let me know your views on the comment box below.

Best Regards

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Congrats, I will love to check stemgeeks but I guess my personal feed, SL and Leo engagement is keeping me quite busy.

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thanks dear @r1s2g3. Yes, there are too many things happening at the same time on HIVE, I do agree with you. I have an interest in technology and spending some on StemGeek and thinking that the project has great potential, I thought of buying some STEM tokens. Cheers

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What is the benefit of staking STEM Tokens ?

It's the same as we have for staking Hive Power and the Leo tokens. Stemgeeks is the platform that talks all and everything about technology and has been created by one of the top HIVE witnesses @themarkymark.. He is doing everything right for the platform to be successful and I believe in the USP it has and is somewhat similar to Leofinace which caters to finance. The goes true with Stemgeeks; which is for technology. Cheers.

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You gain STEM Power, similar to Hive Power, it allows you to influence how the STEM token is distributed.

Can you point me to more details ? Looking at the market, I see the price is in decline trend, not sure, what is the cause ?

A large whale is liquidating all their hive tokens including Stem so there is a large sell wall right now.

Lol, who is that ?


Do you know, if there is any post by him ?

Not in a while that I know of and not in STEM.

I see, of late I have not followed him, let me see, if I can find any of his post for the reason !!