Can’t Stay Away from Social Media but Are Too Lazy to Fix Your Privacy Settings? There’s an App for You: Jumbo Privacy + Security App

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While many of us here on Hive, and the blockchain in general, share a common dislike for traditional social media platforms, many of us also fail at staying away from them.

Despite their ongoing privacy intrusion and centralized habits which more often than not cause collateral damage. Damage to free speech, damage to public opinion due to their vast size, and damage to the health of their users even.

I am not different and as I recently shared I still frequently use Twitter. While I could now argue that my Twitter usage is rather limited and I mostly broadcast (links) only, I won’t.

What I will argue though is that compared to most users, my Twitter settings are probably set to cause as little privacy issues as possible. I know, a tedious task to most but one I have always taken care off and regularly review on the platforms I have accounts on.

I don’t use Facebook so I escape the horror that its privacy settings are, which are constantly updated too.

I still do have a Google account, since I use an Android phone and, also here, I think I’m on top of my privacy as much as possible. Another tedious task, especially if your Google account is older since different, more permissive default settings may apply to those accounts.

Most people don’t like performing tedious tasks and who’s to blame them for that? I surely am not. The privacy settings of many a modern app are often a nightmare to tune and stay on top of.

Luckily, as the internet continues to age and mature, there’s always more available options to fix things with less effort.

Jumbo: Privacy + Security App

I occasionally mention privacy focused apps here on my Hive presence. Especially for the mobile era, but that is probably biased by me working from a mobile only setup. Today is no exception to that and I wish to introduce another excellent “privacy app”, this time for social media users.

For Facebook, Twitter, and also Google users: Jumbo: Privacy + Security app.

Jumbo is a mobile software suite which will tweak your privacy settings on those platforms to be less permissive and give less data away. With barely any interaction by yourself.

What Can Jumbo: Privacy + Security Do?

Jumbo offers protection across four different categories

  1. Security (dark web, two-factor authentication)
  2. Digital Footprint (old tweets or Facebook posts; search history)
  3. Tracking (ad tracking, social media online status)
  4. Reputation & Data Leaks (profile info, Facebook tagging and post visibility)

Additionally, it can help reduce your digital footprint by deleting old Facebook and tweets for you. There’s even a setting to make tweets “ephemeral” (delete each tweet after a specific amount of time).

And most importantly, in the context of this post:

  • Turn off Facebook’s facial recognition feature.
  • Limit Google’s use of your search history.
  • Protect your data from being used by Google and Facebook for ads and advertisers.
  • Limit ads that follow you around.
  • Limit location tracking by Google and Facebook.

But, of course, that isn’t all. The second major release of Jumbo, which was released earlier this year in July, covers many more privacy and security options for you.

Freemium Model

Jumbo: Privacy + Security is a freemium app, meaning many of the features are available per for free. Pro users get access to more features, but the most important features are available for free.

Jumbo is regularly updated — in July they announced $8m Series A funding — and is one of the privacy apps to follow. Especially if you’re the type of user who doesn’t really stays on top of your privacy (settings).

Jumbo: Privacy + Security is available for both iOS and Android.

The app isn’t open-source though, so there’s no F-Droid store variant.

Important Note

For Jumbo: Privacy + Security to be able to change account settings for you, you need to share your account password with the app. The team is adamant though that they never store any data.

Sadly enough, we have to take the team’s word at face value as public audits of the code aren’t possible because Jumbo: Privacy + Security isn’t open-source. But so dar no reports of data breaches are known. If this is a deal breaker for you — it should — you are probably not the audience of this post. ;)

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Is there an app that can handle the GDPR requirements automatically so when I visit webpages, I can opt-out of everything without having to manually click through?

Not that I know. Also highly unlikely there could be a “universal app” for that since every site is free to design their own opt-out methods/section. There is no compulsory framework to use.

There is no compulsory framework to use.

Which is part of the plan to have people opt-in out of convenience, rather than setting each site individually for ever random thing they find.

No. The GDPR is not a conspiracy.

It just couldn't be enforced if done that way.

You know you've sat too long in your informationwar hole when one of the best things to ever come out of the EU for its citizens is turned "the plan".
"The Plan" is a fight against billions and billions of lobby money and threats of withdrawing services, yet the EU keeps fighting Big Tech on multiple layers.

Use firewalls like Lockdown HQ and Blokada to not have any problem with GDPR. The ad networks are just filtered out, no need to "uncheck" them.

Sounds great app to mang security settings, now days 2fa is still something that is not mainstraim amoung regular users, sad its not open source, great post, very detail

2FA is a security setting Jumbo can set for its users.

Nice :)