SpaceX launches 7th batch of 60 Starlink Satellites [Live: 17.05.2020, 07:53 UTC] + ISS Docking Simulator

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SpaceX is launching 60 additional Satellites for their own Starlink Constellation.

The booster is a Block 5 on its 5th flight and will land on a drone ship.

The mission to low earth orbit will launch from LC 39A at Kennedy Space Center.

SpaceX will attempt to capture the fairings.


  • Payload mass is approximately 15,6 tonnes
  • 60 Starlink Satellites

Check your local time of launch at:

Where to watch:

Tim Dodd will be live streaming 30 minutes before launch:

Or 15 minutes before launch:

Background information about previous SpaceX launches: Wikipedia

Why SpaceX is Making Starlink - Real Engineering: Youtube

SpaceX ISS Docking Simulator

In anticipation of the first manned space flight from American soil since the retirement of the Space Shuttle, sheduled for May 27th, SpaceX has released a fun little game:

Here is a little demonstration by Scott Manley: YouTube

Useful links to stay up to date on launches: Launch Schedule

Everyday Astronaut: Prelaunch Previews

Space News:

NASA Spaceflight

Be aware, this is rocket surgery.

Small disturbances can lead to postponed launches. Making sure everything is just right is way cheaper than risking big fireworks.

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