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RE: Curating the Internet: Science and technology digest for March 26, 2020

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I couldn't resist the article on open source ventilator design. I see the correction at the end says the design hasn't been submitted yet. I know nothing about ventilators, but this device has to be better than just watching someone gasp to death.

It's really a disgrace that we are not ready for this pandemic. We didn't need a crystal ball to see that a pandemic--some pandemic--was inevitable. With all the weapons we build to kill each other in possible wars, you'd think at least a portion of that effort would be expended to save lives in an entirely predictable pandemic.

It was always when, not if.


Thanks for noticing that correction! Either it wasn't there on Wednesday when I scheduled this post, or else I missed it. I have a bad habit of ignoring page headers and footers, so it could go either way.

I agree that it seems certain to be better than the alternative, so I hope it doesn't get tied up in red-tape.