Why Newbies Like PeakD

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There are many interfaces on hive blockchain like Hive.blog, esteem etc. PeakD is also a very popular interface among them.

I am new user of hive blockchain and I found swift interface such user friendly especially for the newcomers. Today I will discuss why the newcomers will like this interface rather than others..

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Easy and Convenient

This is very much easy and convenient to use for the newcomers. It has a great outlook and various useful tools that can easily to be used.

When every new-user starts to blog on Hive, they faces some common problems, as they try to match this blockchain interfaces with the social media previously they used.

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So they need something easy to adapt, but not resembling then the previous apps and not boring or legging interesting features then that apps. I think PeakD is like that.

They face some problems like they are not well known about the Markdown style formatting of this blockchain i.e. uploading photos, bold or italic letter, source link, referencing etc.

Markdown and Formatting Text

Hive blockchain has own style nearly similar to HTML and there are a lot of tutorials about this formatting methods. But the new users don't used to see tutorials otherwise facing major problems.


Some common problems that they experiences try to post on hike blockchain as like: how will I bold or italic my letters, how source link is to be mentioned.. this problems is found when they are writing on a blog first time.

PeakD has a toolbar at the above of textbox that helps to write and format the blog. It is very helpful for the new users that is absent in hive blog.

All in one


Another important feature of PeakD is 'All in one' facilities. If you want to trade on your wallet, you can do.. if you want to write blog, you can do.. if you want to see analytics, you can do.. if you want to tag more, you can do.. if you want to see your voting power, you can do.. if you want to set default voting weight for posts & comments, you can do..

You can do many things in a single app, that's why I call it 'All in one' app.

Options and Tools

The awesome another feature of PeakD is its options. Whenever you click on the PeakD Logo , you will find some useful options as well as by clicking on your profile picture, you will do.

The important options has been repeated on both cases. It my not be useful for the heavy users, but who are the newcomers will must like it very much. Because as they are being adjusted with this blockchain, sometimes they have to search the required button in the interfaces. They can easily find the required option by either clicking on the PeakD logo or on his profile picture.

Here I have mentioned some major points that's why the new users like it very much. But PeakD has a lot of utilities I kept untold.


peakd is easy. as a new user, i use it. and i also this to recommend all new users.

Yeah, this is a interface of hive that have seemed to be very much user-friendly for the newcomers. Still now I use both hive blog and PeakD, but I will also recommend it for all new users for its potentiality.

Thank you very much for your comment and supporting by being agreed with me.

But a question why does the graphic have the website peakd.ca ... that isn't our website

Thanks. I wrongly selected that graphic as I thought it was also yours.