what top 3 tokens do you trade on Hive Engine ?

in Quello11 months ago

I am planning to start trade in hive engine but not sure which are the toekns I should study so I want ask from you people about your 3 all time favourite tokesn that you trade in HE platform. Please share the names and it will help me make my plans accordingly.

Thank you.

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Three of the higher volume Hive-Engine tokens that in my opinion offer trading opportunties, are DEC, SIM and LEO.

  1. DEC: The in-game currency of the highly popular Splinterlands game sees demand flucuate through each 13 week season, creating some tasty trading opportunities.
  2. SIM: Another in-game currency, this time of the dCity game. With newly printed cards costing either 4 HIVE or 800 SIM, somewhat of a peg has formed at the 0.005 level, look out for opportunity to buy the dips.
  3. LEO: The token and native currency of the LeoFinance platform. With a new front-end in the works and consistent ad revenue backing token-burns, LEO offers constant speculative trading opportunities.

If you're an active Hive-Engine trader, then it may also be worth checking out the more user friendly LeoDex interface. While Hive-Engine charges 1% on deposits/withdrawals, LeoDex charges just 0.25% and offers a range of extra features worth exploring.