Should LEO Finance push a proposal on HiveDAO?

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Hive DAO is an applicaton where you can push projects proposals to receive HIVE funding for projects that help the ecosystem. Considering the great things done by LEO Finance at community level, but also in favour of HIVE, one question comes to mind...

Should LEO Finance put a proposal on HiveDAO?

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Our current plans are to continue bootstrapping the development of the LeoApps and our whole project until the major onboarding initiative starts.

Our metamask integration to along with a few other major changes will allow us to onboard a lot of users quickly. I’d like to make and fund the first real marketing/Onboarding proposal to get new users onto hive via paid advertising.

You may see a LEO proposal on there by the end of the month 🦁

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Great to hear that, with such a united community around I am sure it will be pushed on and approved!

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Sure it should but, before that, I think there should be a push to get Leofinace as a consensus witness. It is in the top 40 but should be in the top 20.

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I agree to that, LEO Finance should have a VOICE on the Hive ecosystem considering what it has build on its own and also for the others. Opening roads and driving change is something we've started getting accustomed here on LEO Finance.

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That is the great thing about DPOS...the VOICE comes down to stake.

It only requires enough stake voting for Leofinance which, considering all that the DApp has done, it should be a no brainer.

We need to start a campaign to get Leofinance as a consensus witness.

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