Is second layer tokens curation rewarding only one tribe tokens or multiple ones?

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With tribes on HIVE you can use multiple tags to get rewards from multiple communities. Let's say we have a post with the following curated secondary layer tokens:
1 LEO, 1 CTP, 1 NEOXIAN, 1 HIVE and 1 PAL

Now someone holding just HIVE powered comes and upvotes your post.

Will he get currated only HIVE or a portion from all tokens from the post - like LEO, CTP, NEOXIAN and PAL...?

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Yes as long as it is staked. Leo has a voting bar that can be set for the different tribes.

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Just to get it right:

  1. User A posts and article on LEO Finance and has between his tags LEO PALNET.
  2. User B which has staked HIVE, LEO and PALNET upvotes the article posted by user A.
  3. User C has only staked HIVE and upvotes the article posted by user A.

Question: User C gets curation only in HIVE or also a portion of LEO and PALNET (from the upvote given by user B to user A)?

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