Do you post your articles from LEO Finance also on other platforms?

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LEO Finance is the epicenter of crypto and finance posting amongst the HIVE communities and the platform is growing each day. On the other side bloggers from here are earning from a rather smaller user base at this point in time, thus a question comes to mind...

Do you post your articles from LEO Finance also on other platforms?

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Feedback from the October 1st Hive Power Up Day

There is always going to be a constant battle between those trying to promote premium, original content on our domain and those looking for a quick buck with minimal effort. In my opinion, the LeoFinance community shouldn't be encouraging duplicating their content across other spammy blog networks.

Even if you give yourself a backlink to the LeoFinance article, it is all but worthless in Google's eyes. Their algo isn't going to reward a link from a 100% duplicate article. That doesn't tell the reader that the is an authority on anything and the domain will receive zero benefit as a result.

We should be encouraging original, premium content that can only be found on the domain. This is relevant not only from an SEO point of view, but also so potential new readers don't view us as a spam network like Blurt, Publish0x, SteemTron and to a lesser extent Hive itself.

An alternative use for these spam networks could be quoting and paraphrasing well structured, original LeoFinance content with a link back. It doesn't even have to be your own content. Pick someone elses quality content on LeoFinance that you can see has potential from an SEO point of view, write about it and link back to it.

Don't just copy/paste your own garbage and think that just because you're linking back, it has an SEO benefit.