Liebe das Leben - jeder Tag zählt...

Buche Blatt Sonne.webp

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"Es weht der Wind ein Blatt vom Baum
von vielen Blättern eines
doch dieses Blatt allein,
war ein Teil von unserem Leben,
drum wird dieses eine Blatt allein,
uns immer wieder fehlen."



Hello @janasilver,

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Hi vxc.leo,

thanks for your feedback.

  1. The Janasilver Love Project is creating value to the blockchain by supporting the greatest value in the universe - and this value is LOVE

  2. The JANASILVER LOVE PROJECT has released own token on the hiveengine as part of the financial universe.

  3. If you are reducing the financial system only to money and money substitutes then even leofinance will fail in the long run - because if the message of LOVE is not existing anymore at LEOfinance than you will destroy the future of the leofinance ecosystem

So please inform me about if the wisdom of love is from your point of view not a crypto/finance related content?

Note that the LOVE Project is part of the JANASILVER LOVE Universe.

Best regards,