No More Worries!! ORIGINAL POEM


I'm not doing again.
I have found a perfect way of getting rid of you.

All u do to me is; force yourself into my space, drain my energy and leave me with no vibes.

you created the impression, Like the Sars man's gun, nobody expected it but it just comes, with no good intentions.
That's how u are. An intruder.

listen, I know your deepest weakness: u tried to convince me to keep it secret and I accepted but for once in my life I'm going to betray and put you to shame and we are done forever.

if I sight you coming, I will smile. If you even try to come closer I will laugh.

You are defeated with this little weapons of mine. How weak you are to get me entangled.

Your name is "Worry".
don't worry We are done.

My name is #Tony, and I will never stumble...