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Forest by MichaelGaida


I've never been this close to a forest so thick. I felt the excitement in my feet as I watched the leaves of the trees that looked like birds rehearsing a flight, flapping their wings, rising.

My gaze was caught up in those green birds that almost touched the sky, so much so that, for a moment, I almost lost my senses, and if it were not for this slight dizziness, I would not have witnessed the precise moment when a strange egg fell from the sky.

I was an eye witness to that strange event. If I had been told, I wot have believed it, but I saw how it fell and miraculously it did not break. Excited, I called my brother, who was exploring nearby, and we were both amazed. It was really beautiful, it almost didn't seem real. Its colors were vibrant, like those I once saw in a butterfly chrysalis, a fluorescent green and seductively translucent.

(End of five minutes)

To look at him was to love him, to inspire that feeling of tender affection that makes us want to protect him. Daniel and I crossed complicit glances, looked up, sideways and down and saw no parents or nest. So without thinking much about it, we ran out of the woods, with the egg wrapped in a handkerchief.

We wanted to take him home immediately and to do that we had to get to the clearing that was the entrance to the forest, where the van was parked. We ran at an unusual speed, we felt as if we were desecrating something, but at the same time, as if an invisible force made us lighter and another even stronger one followed us to snatch the treasure we found.

Daniel didn't talk, he just snorted, turned on the van and drove off as if fleeing from imminent danger. He looked in the rear-view mirror as if he expected that at any moment "something" sinister would hit us and take the egg back. I don't know what came over us, but it dominated our minds and emotions, we had a shared mission: to protect the egg.

But from what or from whom? We didn't know! And even less, what species the egg was.

Already calmer on the road back home, I unwrapped the handkerchief and, amazed, saw it flicker. A little light was moving inside, it was not a normal shell, but a kind of translucent but firm crust.

The only reference to what I could transfer what I saw is a monarch butterfly chrysalis that we recorded photographically from a caterpillar. It was a hobby we shared, photographing natural life and the evolution of some species.

"Could it be a giant butterfly?" Daniel asked as he drove.

"You're crazy! This is an egg!"

"Yes, but translucent as a chrysalis."

"No, Daniel, this is something strange, I've never seen anything like it. I could swear I saw something moving inside and as we moved away from the forest it got hot and soft. ¡Hurry up, it must be the heat of the road!"

When we got home, we ran to our little photo studio. But, the shock and the speed of events did not allow us to take any action.

In front of us, the egg melted and a small winged creature was seen suffocating in a gelatinous mass. Then, it stopped fighting and its almost dull eyes saw us with tenderness. And so, as the egg melted, so did the creature, leaving only a gel, similar to the white of a chicken egg.

"It was a fairy! It was a fairy!" - I shouted to Daniel - "Did you take pictures of her?"

And, noticing that he didn't answer me, I looked up and saw him with his hands on his head, stunned, saying: "For God's sake!! We contemplate a truncated phase of a fairy's metamorphosis! We had a newborn fairy in our hands and we didn't photograph her..."



In response to @mariannewest on Day 854: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: eye witness. In the writing, the request is highlighted in bold.
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By Zeleira Cordero @zeleiracordero


For your kind reading, THANK YOU




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I thought fairies were mammals. Live and learn. :)

Live and learn, @mgaft1! Well, get this, they come out of eggs that look like butterfly chrysalises. )))

Thank you Zeleira!

Next time I meet a fairy I'll be looking out for her broken egg. )))

Imaginative free write thoroughly enjoyed thinking about this, if only....

Yeah! That's how good free writing is, it stirs up our imagination and allows us to capture details that are only accessible because of the speed required to capture the ideas that are only catchable when you write against time. Thank you by stopping, my friend!

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