In the blue sky there are no planes - Page #48 [EN]

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I carry on by bicycle, my motivation, or yet prison ?
While i pedal 7 kms to each side, running toughts:
" I can do it, i'll prove these people that i can, i'll get out of here, this house and street aren't very healthy. I'll pay my debts, get a car and that sweet gasoline."

And so, now with more motivation i come back to this world. I'm not fooling myself, capital is in charge of time, and i'm colaborating.
I suppose that i'm in this work trance in that weeks seem days and years seem months, only to save a few hundred euros to the next expense or investment.

A leaned building over it's own base reminds me of the controlled demolition of WTC7.
New page, new history.

Some exalt themselves with alcohol, others crash with their cars almost asleep in their numbness.
Some open their eyes, for others is always late.

I carry on by bike and transportation. The fast train always passes first.
Maybe were reaching a never seen momentum. It always seems that it's now, but some things still have to happen i suppose.

For us to be free, technology must be free !

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