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Below is my five minute #freewrite on my prompt today: successful

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I received an email on Thursday from my local coin shoppe that I was the successful high bidder on an item off the bid board. The email didn't say what I won, but I headed over Friday to pick it up. I hadn't been to the shoppe since the pandemic started and it turned out that I won the item back in March. I bid on this broach for Debbie because I thought she would like it. It's a sterling silver horse drawn carriage with a driver and what appears to be Queen Elizabeth as the rider. The pin is encrusted with marcasites throughout the piece, and is approximately three inches long by two inches high and has some weight to it. I picked up this unique piece for $23, including tax. I miss not going to my favorite coin shoppe to pick up these great deals. Stay safe out there!

Freewrite and photo by Uncle Bruni

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That's a lovely piece! How thoughtful of you. I miss pre-pandemic life.

Thank you beautiful. I miss when people were staying safe, now I see idiots all over just begging to catch the coronavirus. Stay safe, I know you are. 🙏

I'm home and not protesting with the masses. How are you doing?

Feeling great sweetie 🙏

Nice! I hope you are well, my friend!

I'm doing fabulous Bruce, I'm glad to see you out and about now. Stay safe, wear your mask! 🙏

You seem to be a history enthusiast

Somewhat, but mostly a collector of fine jewelry. 🙏

It's nice to hear that. For some reason I've held on to the prejudice. That coin shops would be expensive. So I haven't made the time to visit one. Though I've been meaning to. Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated.

I used to think that coin shops were expensive but sometimes they just need to move product and we get good deals. 🤞

Never considered considered that. Definitely appreciate the perspective.

That brooch is gorgeous something my Mom started me on was the love of these gorgeous pieces. Hope your wife enjoys wearing that.

I love these old pieces of jewelry 😍 she'll look great with this one on.