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Below is my five minute #freewrite on my prompt today: lost cat

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One day, when Snickers was alive, we had a lost cat for a day, we couldn't find him anywhere. He hardly ever went outside, and when he did, we were always with him on the porch, he didn't like the grass rubbing against his belly. So this day that he went missing, we had just received a shipment from Amazon and the box was full of brown paper to stuff the box do it wouldn't rattle. Snickers used to love to walk on the paper and listen to it crinkle under his feet. My little 'ol man was hiding under a box, with this paper all around him, and never came out when we called him. We really miss him, so much so, that we saw an ad for another cat, that the owner had died. Debbie messaged the daughter, but she hasn't received a response yet. I think it's time to start looking again, but in the meantime we'll keep feeding the strays. Stay safe out there, wear your masks. 795 new cases in San Antonio Texas today, highest ever.

Freewrite and photo by Uncle Bruni

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We've had 4 cats who have died and we have 3 now (all of whom are 11 years plus...) It is always very sad when they die. When we had our first ever two cats as kittens (Spud and Armitage) we had a party. Suddenly one of the kittens was missing! We searched everywhere, including lifting up the quilt to see if she was under it. Nowhere to be seen. On the third time of checking the bedroom I noticed the quilt seemed a bit heavy and lumpy. Spud had climbed into the quilt so was inside!

Take care my good friend! :)

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Nice story. If it's seems recent.

The red states are really having bad.