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Below is my five minute #freewrite on my prompt today: face mask

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Today I went to have my chemo pump removed and received hydration for an hour and a half, all the while wearing my face mask. Debbie waited in the car as they won't let her in the treatment center. After I receive my chemo on Thursday, I wear this chemo pump for two days to pump more chemo in me. Since we were out and about, we decided to go visit my house and put some food and water out for the neighborhood cats. It was 103° degrees here today so we need to keep the water bowl filled. We also stopped by the post office to get my mail, as I have it on hold, but there were just too many people in the lobby so I skipped it. While I was at my house I pick out this Republic of Chad two ounce coin to photograph for an article in the TNA newsletter, Texas Numismatics Association. They only minted 50,000 of them and they are .999 fine silver. Silver is up to $18 per ounce so this coin has $36 in silver. I purchased it in 2016 so I've made a little money on it. I really like the design on this coin too. We really need to get a handle on this Corona Virus because I don't know how these doctors and nurses wear their face masks all day long. Stay safe my friends.

Freewrite and photo by Uncle Bruni

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Good to see you are keeping safe! It must be difficult in the heat!

You got that right buddy 105° today. 🤯

Stay safe and stay encouraged, Uncle Bruni ... great freewrite covering a lot of ground!

I kinda rambled 🤣🤣🤣 thanks for stopping by. 🙏

But it was a GOOD ramble, though...

It is difficult trying to get things taken care of medically during this time. My physical is scheduled soon. Laundry list of items I have to comply with just to get in the front door. Can't imagine what's waiting for me in the examination room.

Take care of yourself, and try to stay safe.

You take care out there too. 🙏