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Below is my five minute weekend #freewrite on my prompt today: bonus

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This morning while is was completing my daily Splinterlands quest, I was having a hard time with my Life Splinter winning battles. All the Splinterland pros were trying to move up the ladder to get into the top ten spots, and I kept getting paired with Champion 1 players. The highest place I've ever finished a season in was Champion 3, and that was recently. I finally completed my five wins after losing about 200 points, so I took a break. I came back a few hours later and decided to try and advance to Champion 2, as I would receive a bonus of 40 extra reward chests at the end of the season tomorrow. I got lucky and won a couple of battles against higher level players than myself and ended up in Champion Level 2 for the very first time ever playing Splinterlands. Also, after I revealed my reward chests, I ended up receiving a Gold Foil Fire Spitter card, which I haven't received all this season. I'm hoping that when I reveal my 120 end of season reward chests tomorrow, maybe I could pull a Gold Foil Legendary card, fingers crossed! 🤞

Freewrite and screenshots by Uncle Bruni

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Wow! That is amazing, Bruni! I'm so happy you were able to get some level 2 wins! It's all still Greek to me. 🤣❤ much love.

It's a fun game. 💕

It's nice that it brings you some crypto, too! I hope you're coming along well over there. Have a wonderful evening.

Doing fabulous sweetie ❣️

I know nothing about that game, but it sounds as if you are having a good time!

It passes the time and keeps me busy during covid and chemo treatments 🙏

Oh no! I didn't know you were going through chemo. I wish you the best!

Thank you 🙏🙏🙏

Dropping by to tell you somehow thinking about you and family. Take care.

Thank you sweetie 💕