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Below is my five minute #freewrite on my prompt today: white cat

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Today was a very sad day in the Bruni household, we had to put down our white cat Snickers at an Emergency Pet Clinic. The sad thing about the whole thing was that we couldn't sit with our baby boy as the vets sedated, then administered the lethal cocktail that sent our boy to kitty heaven. Because of this fucking corona virus we had to wait in the parking lot, text a phone number with our name, pet's name, and symptoms, and parking spot number. They called back, gave us a price for the whole shebang and told us to leave him in a cage in the lobby. We waited until they picked him up and took him to the back. Now we're going to be looking for a new vet clinic because our regular doctor, who we've given thousands of dollars to, didn't have a minute to put down our cat, fuck her! She wanted him to suffer two more days and we could bring him Monday morning. We'll never step in that clinic again.

Freewrite and photo by Bruni

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