Weekend Freewrite-04-11-2020-single prompt option white cat

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on my prompt today: white cat

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Today Debbie spent the day making lasagna to be delivered to my family for Easter lunch. While Debbie was loading the refrigerator, our white cat Snickers decided that he wanted to just chill out. He's been under the weather since he had his ten teeth pulled, but I have my fingers crossed that he'll be back to his normal self very soon. At least he pooped yesterday and we didn't have to pay for another enema from the vet. It's hell being an almost sixteen years old cat. Happy Easter everyone, stay safe.

Freewrite and photo by Bruni

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16 years, omg! He's a grandpa then lol!

Good news on the poop!!

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Cats are such cats :)

Happy Easter @wonderwop Snickers is still young, my cat lived to be 21

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