Day-906-Freewrite Monday prompt demon

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on Monday's prompt: demon

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There's a demon inside me and it's called cancer, and I can't wait to kill it again. This shit is getting old. I'm starting chemo on April 21st and I'm sure it's gonna suck. Wednesday I get my port installed, and I'm sure that's gonna suck. Throwing up every night sucks, but I think I'm getting a six pack under all my fat, I'll be able to see it after I drop 200 pounds. I'm trying to keep a little laughter in my life, but it's getting harder everyday. Last night I had some crazy dreams and I'm not looking forward to sleeping tonight. I may have to start drinking. 🙏

Freewrite by Bruni

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I do not like this freewrite. I am dismayed by this news! And I had to read it twice today!
Keep us informed Uncle. You've got this.
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