Dream song

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Somewhere far from you/the earth eats her tears
& the sea is white/like bones on the shore. Out

there/the sky never sets & the sun spies into
space/like a winking eye. Do you know where

rainbows stretch their feet? Do you hear how
rain sings/in the choir of butterflies? I swear

there are schools of fingers/learning to pick
pockets in the desert's burial ground. Sometimes/

evenings come with swollen stomachs & no one asks/
where the fetid breath of dawn has fed from. I

want to show you this place that has been crying.
The wind is dressed in green leaves/& they are

all running/into the browning harmattan. Do you
know where the trees keep their music? Have you

ever heard the piano calling for mother? In this
place/ants have been kissing prayer beads/there

are fountains of moths/eating candle sticks
& the candelbra knows how to tango/with the

cobwebbed feet of smoke. There is fire in moon's
yellow smile. I know this because sometimes/i go

there with my dream boat/a flottila of laughter &
hope. If you want/you could come. Bring the grass

& that riverside spot/where the water builds clouds
from frog croaks. We want all the magic we can get.

In that place/even the earth itself laughs & the
horizon can be pushed to the side/to reveal God's

delighted face. In that place/the paper kites eat
from the meteor showers/& fireflies carry letters

to lovers/lost in the evening's borrowed gentility.
Come with the sweet & sour of your lips/the dirty

cupboards of your secrets. Let us break the brittle
evening into pieces of sated breath. let us dream.

Image Credit:Pixabay

Yours always,
Osahon (warpedpoetic)


Oh your words, your beautiful words that stir up such wonderful imagery and emotions in me @warpedpoetic, you are a master wordsmith and I so appreciate you sharing your creations with us all. Another beautiful, stunning piece xxxx

Thanks @trucklife-family. I do appreciate you reading and supporting my writing. It means more than you know.

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