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The sun is west of here & there heaven sleeps.
at least that is what the sages claim.

i sit at my doorstep & watch the sky foam
like soapy water after laundry.

This life is full of tragedy but we must move.
I move a lot, faraway from everything that is kind.

On the bridge, watching birds entangle themselves
with rivers, i hunger for that silence that nothing

can wake from. There are tattoos on my chest
where birds lift off. There must be magic

in a man's skin because darling i still breathe
even after you left. in my throat, a firefly sings

with colours & it is not magical. it is me & you
watching the stars fall. the heaven is pregnant

with all my sin & God must be busy
because when you left there was silence

& then, there was more silence. I will love myself
if i have the strength to measure my heartbeat

with my fleeing feet. What is it we desire?

Imge Credit: pixabay

Yours always,
Osahon (warpedpoetic)


That's amazing poetry. Hats off for your skills.

thank you @wandrnrose7 💜

Welcome 😊

My goodness you can get right to the heart, I can measure my own heart with your fleeing footsteps. So beautiful.

He's so crafty that one can literally drool at his writing 🙃



I don't know much about poetry, but that seems like a good one!

Lol. That you like it enough to comment means a lot. Thank you very much

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