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I never thought that I would experience a worldwide gaslight event but it is here and left permanent damage to the image I had of this world. How could everyone lie? This current chaos in America is excruciating on top of the election year drama.

It seems impossible to isolate from the propaganda, conspiracy theories and fake news. I see friend and strangers fight on Facebook over their own version of truth, but this year is different, far more than any election I have lived through. The hate and amoral death wishes over this summer and more recently over FLOTUS and POTUS contracting Covid19 (SARS2) baffle me. The internet brings on a whole new element of blatant hatred to election and sometimes I wonder in crowds "Is that one of them?"

All I pray for is for our freedom to be protected. I pray for God to protect us and show us how to love. I pray for Covid19 to leave.


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I am with you. The world has gone completely nuts.

It just seems to get more and more unreal to me. How are things going now with your air quality?

Today wasn't too bad - but it is up and down every day. I just try to avoid working outside when it is bad - which means my projects are even slower to get done...

Yes @wandrnrose7 ,, I also do see a lot of news and memes related to American election. I'm not a big fan of politics but peace as you do and wish whoever rules USA, peace prevails forever :))

I certainly hope so! 2020 has been like a spoiled egg for breakfast 😋. Take care!

Exactly! 😀 .. Have a good day!