Dippy Birds Are Real

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My baby sister was tiny. She was, and is still, an observer. I remember that she was a quiet infant. Mom sat her on the table with her little nip nap, they called them; just a little reclining plastic chair and she stared at the world with wide eyes.

Our brother bought her a mercury bird which she adored. The bird was a glass bottle of sorts filled with a red fluid that would slowly dip until his beaks hit the table and then bob upright. She would sit for hours watching the bird bob up and down. When she was excited she'd let out little chirps which led to her nickname Chickie. My brother called her Chirpie. We still call her Chickie or Chic. When she was teenaged she preferred Chic since, well, it was chic.

I surfed for a photo and was surprised you can still buy them! It even comes up when you search "Dippy Bird". I think I need to buy her one.

You can purchase a Dippy Bird at Amazon.com.

This will be a busy couple of weeks. We were in Canada visiting my best friend from high school for the weekend and we will leave early Friday for Arizona and Las Vegas (3am for a flight out of Pittsburgh). Jeff has a work conference in Vegas so we are working in time to see my father in Parker, Arizona and while he works I'll visit a spa at the hotel. We hope to visit the Grand Canyon again since two years ago on my first visit it was bitter cold in early Feburary. If Im quiet this will be why. (Besides the usual migraines).

This is my five minute freewrite using prompt chirp.
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Nice! I never saw that episode.

Homer's Voice: "Its drinking the water!"

I never saw a bird like that. Your sister is still quiet? If not the bird might do her good. Some things are somehow fascinating to look at/watch. I always had it with the children's program Tik Tak on tv.

Enjoy your holiday, time out and visits. 💕

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She is still quiet and introspective. She's moving next spring to London with her husband following his Mom and aunts who moved to Spain. Thank you for stopping by @whatsupkitty.