Day 999: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: 999

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This is daily writing challenge by @mariannewest about the announced prompt topics. The participants have to write anything about the topics within 5 minutes.

On the mean time, he has to think, plan, write and complete the post. It's very challenging and helpful for the improvement of writing skill as well as the creativity. So You can also participate in the challenge: Day 999: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: 999

Prompt: 999

It was 9th September 2009
the weather was very fine
and reflecting cool sunshine..

I was in front of you
May be, time passed few
Like the dropping of dew

But it seemed to me very long
I don't know who was wrong
And Who was right

Suddenly became gloomy, sunlight
I felt like a falling kite
From sky far height

I was just falling on ground
Nobody heard the sound
And then myself alone, I found..

You went away with the sunshine
And You are no more of mine
It was the day nine/nine/nine..


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Excellent freewrite!

Thanks a lot for your praises. I am being motivated by all of your appraisal

very, very good freewrite. Thank you for being so creative.

Thanks a lot for your support and such words that always motivates me and gives a lot of pleasure..

just wow😍

Thanks a lot