Day 996: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: politician

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Prompt: politician

He wanted to become a businessman, but he had not enough capital and failed..

then tried to become a joker on the theatre, but he had not enough creativity and that's why again he failed..

then he tried to become a salesman, but he could not be able to achieve public faith and again he failed..

It wanted to be a terrorist, but had not enough courage and again...

Once he tried to become a writer, but public didn't accept his weak platform and thus..

And finally he tried to become a politician and surprisingly he didn't failed this time!

He was so much successful that he became started to speak about his failures to be the pillar of success and we believed!


Very,very true. Great post.

Thanks a lot.

Ahhh! Truth is spoken!!
I am so happy that you are writing with us!

I hope I will continue with freewrite

Great analysis of what it takes to be a politician - nothing! hahaha

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Thanks. I have participated.

It's a rare person who gets to the freewrite before I get it to them on Tuesdays (except for the days I forget to do it). Thanks for your stories!