Day 1000: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: Ten Years of Darkness

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my photography about darkness

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Prompt: Ten Years of Darkness

Ten years ago, its my past
I have forgot the moments last
And don't wanna remember just..

It was so deep and dark
It attacked me like a shark
On my heart, let it put sign mark

The enemy was a smart boy
He used me like a toy
He only tried me to enjoy

And I was used as a pappet
I was like a cought rat
He was the black cat

After using, he dumped me
I was astonished that is it he?
I put my head on the knee

And I cried last ten year
I was grasped by lot of fear
Nobody is here, now nobody is here..


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Oh, so sad!!!! Stop crying now. The sun will shine again :)