5 Minute WeWrite with @improv! For Day 1000!

in Freewriters11 months ago

The color creatures looked on at the new blob appearing before them. New blobs were the best time of day because the color creatures got to see something that was colorless transform into a color creature. It was looking likely that this one would be blue and purple, but there were hints of pink and grey and red and brown and yellow and black that all might have a chance to duke it out with the more prominent colors. Most color creatures were a delightful mix of many shades and hues and it was fun to see how it all shook out.

Myrtle, the blobby blue and red color creature, was rooting for blue. She had a strong affinity for blue, not only because she was blue and red, but also because she'd had a long romance with Gare, who'd since faded away, but who had been a brilliant ocean blue. Sonion the two headed color creature was hoping for a great battle of colors because that's what usually resulted in multiple heads or limbs, and that was always quite nice to see. Calliope just wanted to give the new color creature a flower and was impatient for it all to be formed.

Image by @improv and @loch


It was amazing! Congrats for you guys, you made it up!

Oh, so fun!! Can you leave a link for this post under the contest post please?

Happy day @stinawog, @loch and @improv. Funny picture.

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